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Streik på DNS

The pension dispute led to the hiring of opera, theater and orchestra staff in several cities went on strike.

As of today, a total of 435 people on strike.

  • On the national stage, I hit 48 people. Here, all shows have been cancelled.
  • In the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, 114 people are on strike. They had to cancel several concerts.
  • At the Norwegian Opera Ballet, 98 people are on strike and are at risk of having to cancel all performances planned for this week.
  • At Det Norske Teatret, I strike 52 people.
  • At the National Theater, I strike 34 people.
  • At the Rogaland theater, 31 people went on strike.
  • At the Kilden Theater and Concert Hall and at the Kilden Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, a total of 43 people went on strike. This could have consequences for the big investment Amadeus, which premiered on September 17th.
  • At the Trøndelag theater, I strike 15 people. They have to postpone the world premiere of Son Alice on September 10th.

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The strike will start last week After negotiations were broken between LO Stat, which represents the Fagforbundet, Creo, NTL and Spekter unions.

LO Stat wrote in a press release that the cultural sector’s top tenants have shown no willingness to deliver on their promise of gender-neutral, lifelong pension systems.

“Employers insist we must accept a pension system where men and women receive different pension payments, in a sector where about half of the employees are women,” LO Stat wrote in a press release.

Fair Pension: DNS strike leader Ron Kilby says they are on strike for a fair pension and that they will strike until they get what they promised.

Photo: Sjur Mikal Dolve / NRK

We are forced to strike

– We are on strike for a fair pension. We stand here until we get what we promised, says strike leader and flagship store official at the National Theater in Bergen, Ron Kilby.

He says it is unfortunate that the strike came now when so many were happy to finally be able to use the cultural show again.

– We’ll have to strike. Kilby claims that this is not something we want to do, but that we must do it when employers break their promises.

He says they have experienced that passersby who are culturally happy understand that they are using the right to strike.

– We have an intermediary scheme that practically discriminates against women. Everyone who comes up with wonders wonders why we’re hitting for this in 2021. Kilby says equality has gone further.

National Theater Strike

Cancels everything: The National Theater in Bergen was badly damaged.

Photo: Sjur Mikal Dolve / NRK

He distances himself from the allegations

Spiker had previously rejected the claim that they had broken the promise.

– Spiker strongly distances himself from the allegation of breach of contract. The truth is that when we agreed in 2016, there was a discussion about pension legislation. Then I promised that if there are changes in it, we will also be open to know the need for changes. Spekter’s director of communications Gunnar Larsen told NRK last week that these changes have not come, so the situation has not changed.

Many theaters and bands lamented that the strike had hit the audience.

Trøndelag Teater writes in a press release that the public affected by the changes will be contacted.

“We apologize for the consequences to our audience, and we will inform the date of the postponed premieres as soon as it becomes clear,” the theater writes in a press release on Tuesday.

Everyone who buys tickets will get their money back immediately, says Harald Fury, CEO of Kilden Theater and Concert Hall in Kristiansand.

Amadeus’ flagship investment is on display September 17th. According to Fore, the biggest risk is that the theater will face challenges.

– For now, we are betting that the strike will be resolved within the next week and that we will carry out Amadeus as planned, he tells NRK.

The Oslo Opera House wrote on its Facebook pages that it must cancel all performances this week if the strike is not called off. Tickets purchased may be refunded.


Sad: The Skurtveit couple think it’s sad that they miss concerts and theater performances.

Photo: Sjur Mikal Dolve / NRK

– sad

Spouses Nina and Eric Skortvet think it’s sad that the shows are cancelled. They have theater tickets and tickets for several concerts with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

– We were looking forward to it, says Eric Skortvet.

Now the long-awaited cultural experience has been cancelled. The couple believes many are starving at shows and events after a year and a half of pandemic restrictions.

– I understand that they have to strike, but there is something about time and situation. Right now we have to wait a long time because of the coronavirus, now we have to wait even longer, says Nina Skortfeet.

DNS theater director Stefan Larsson says in a press release that he deeply regrets the public’s impact on the strike.

The strike means that we must reallocate resources in the best possible way. We will try to complete the settings so we have something to show the public after the strike, Larson says in the press release.

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