Do you want to run a stall in the market square?

Do you want to run a stall in the market square?

The two stalls on Larvik Square are vacant. The municipality is now looking for interested parties who might consider taking over – preferably in time for May 17th.

Pancakes, ice cream, coffee, soda – maybe churros are here for spring and summer?

The application deadline is no later than March 20, and the required start date is set around May 1. Terje Lund, a real estate and technical operations advisor, can entice with good rental rates.

Last summer, only one of the two kiosks was operational.

– The most important thing for the municipality is to organize the activity for the summer. At first, the rental price should be relatively modest, making it possible to work and make some money from being there, says Lund.

Spanish varieties?

The locations are reserved for operating kiosks, selling goods such as ice cream, soft drinks, coffee, waffles, etc., but even the more exotic ones may also be within the reach of any driver:

– It might be possible to create a fryer. For example, I’ve been in contact with someone who was very interested in the possibility of serving Spanish churros, which seem to be a very popular dessert item. Deep frying does have some fire safety requirements, Lund says, so in this case it needs to be applied quickly.

He says there will be some minimum requirements for working hours, and the lease period is mainly between three and five years.

Outdoor dining

But here there is room for adaptation.

– We are not bound by it, so we will see who appears as interested parties. It is good for the municipality to hire someone who will last a while and work, but that is an estimate rather than a conclusive one.

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– Why can’t you operate anything other than the kiosk over there?

– It would require build state handling, interface changes, etc., and I’m not sure you’d want to have that in the box either. But at least there will be opportunities for the lower booth to have tables and chairs outside. It was like that in the past, says Lund, and it should be like this now.

Interested parties can contact Terje Lund at [email protected] by March 20. I am attaching a brief description of the operating concept.

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