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Sondre Justad hos Lindmo i september 2022

– I wanted to get rid of the half-truths I was dealing with.

The famous singer from Henningsvær has topped the charts for several years with songs about the weak, the beautiful and the difficult things in life.

This spring he decided to be completely honest with himself. On social media, he said that he found a girlfriend. Friend.

The process of pronouncing it out loud for himself and fans was challenging.

– There were shivers in my body, but I received a text that I can stand.

– I My heart rate was sickly high, and it was wet under my arms while I was sitting with my boyfriend. Then I publish the print, Lindmo said, as he was a guest tonight.

good job

Gustad says he felt a tremendous sense of relief that he had nothing to hide.

– It was rAbout whether I did a good deed for myself and at best helped others who needed to hear it, he confirms.

This summer he was looking forward to celebrating Oslo Pride, but what had to be done The biggest celebration in the capital is love and diversity even in tears.

event trace

It lasted the night of June 25 to people killed Several wounded after the shooting at Bear’s Corner and London Pub. The latter is known as a meeting place for homosexuals.

Gustad was on his way from Trondheim to Oslo that night. Use the travel route to Send messages to friends and acquaintances to make sure they are safe.

Sondre Justad was at the neon festival this summer and traveled to Oslo on the night of the attack.

Photo: Morten Skogly / NRK P3

– It felt stronger on my body than I thought. It wasn’t there, I mean. I was very touched by the accident, the artist admits.

It’s hard to be gay

Bard Nylund is a former leader of what is now called the FRI Association. He was among those who were attacked up close.

Nylund was standing outside a pub in London smoking when the shot came. He witnessed the shooting and the perpetrator was eventually defeated.

He thinks it became difficult to be gay in Norway after the attack.

For some, Nylund says, fear has taken hold.

He points out that LGBT rights are deeply rooted in the ethos of the Norwegian people, but:

– I think the attack may have had an impact on the evolution of gay life. He says people are making assessments now to a greater extent than before about whether they can hire their street lover.

Bård Nylund at Lindmo September 2022

Bård Nylund, an outspoken voice in the gay fight for many years, was attacked in Oslo on June 25 at close range.

Photo: Astrid Hernholm / NRK

Saturday will be pride marked With rainbow trains in relation to the attack.

– surrounded by love

Both Nylund and Gustad are going there.

I want to relive the day, and be surrounded by love for a whole day, says Gustad.

Nylund hopes that as many as possible will come.

Society must take care of its minorities. He stresses that it should be everyone’s responsibility.

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