Donald Trump – He had nuclear secrets

Donald Trump - He had nuclear secrets

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Some secret documents, which were found in Trump’s home and private club, are said to have been so sensitive that only the president, members of the government or employees close to the government level had access to them, he writes Washington Post.

A document describing another country’s military defense and nuclear weapons capabilities was among the documents found by FBI agents, according to the newspaper’s anonymous sources.

18 months

The former US president is in hot weather after the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago in August and found classified documents 18 months after he left office.

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According to the Washington Post, some documents are so sensitive that very few US government agencies have access to them, and a “top secret” security clearance is not enough.

Some of these documents are only known to a few dozen people, and there are very strict rules for how these documents are actually stored. Obviously, an unlocked room in a private club with many members does not meet these rules.

The US authorities have been trying for months to recover these documents from Trump. So far this year, the FBI has found more than 300 classified documents at the former president’s home. 184 of the documents came in 15 boxes, which were sent to the National Archives in January. Trump’s lawyer extradited 38 others in June. During a search on August 8, the FBI seized more than 100 additional documents.

Information about nuclear weapons must have appeared in the documents found during the search.

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The US Director of National Intelligence’s office is now making an assessment of the extent of the damage that may have occurred when the documents were removed from the authorities’ custody.

At the same time, Trump agreed to appoint an independent legal person (special director) to review the seized materials.

Trump himself offered no explanation as to why he had the documents at home. But he has made numerous accusations of being the victim of a political witch hunt by the corrupt FBI. He also claimed earlier that the documents could have been planted by the Federal Police.

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