Dorothea Wehrer talks about this season's illness nightmare – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Dorothea Wehrer talks about this season's illness nightmare – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

​​​​​​​Since Dorothea Ferrer shone as a biathlete at the 18th World Cup in the 2013/14 season, she has always been on top of the podium. He has won two World Cups overall.

But this season, she has barely reached the finish line in the races she has completed, and has not achieved the podiums and victories she is accustomed to.

– I was sick once every season in the past, but it was never like this, the open-hearted biathlon star told NRK.

The wave of disease had already begun when the season was scheduled to begin on Lake Sjusjøen on November 11. Wierer was on the start roster and was present at Sjusjøen, but fell ill and had to miss the entire opening weekend.

– Since Lake Sjusjøen, I have been sick four times, Wierer tells NRK.

The image of the mask attracted attention

When she posted the photo in December, before the World Cup in Hochfelden, Austria, of what looked like an oxygen mask, there were reactions.

Confused: Dorothea Ferrer said that when she tried to run for a walk in Hochfeldzen at the beginning of December, her chest closed completely. Therefore, she needed this mask to try to open the airways. On the picture is written in Italian: “Best start of the season.” “I got sick 3 times in 22 days.”

Photo: Private/Instagram (dorothea_wierer)

In Italian, the caption reads: “Best start of the season.” “I got sick 3 times in 22 days.”

Wierer says she received many messages from people who asked if she was doing well and needed to recover. Until he told her the reason behind the mask:

– It was because I had the flu, so I had to take medicine. I was feeling very tight in my chest and tried to run for a walk in Hochfeldzen, but it was impossible.

She says that she had a high fever for two periods this winter, and she also had the flu, and in the last period of the illness she felt very bad without suffering from a fever.

– It was very strange. So, it's been a lot of things at once. But I've also grown older, so maybe it's because of that, Ferrer says and laughs.

Have you tried many things to get better?

– Yes, of course, you should try your best. I've taken quite a few medications. I don't really like taking medication, but sometimes you have to.

Amal toilet

The Italian star will turn 34 in April 2024 and she has revealed this Italian media She saw an end date for her career, without wanting to reveal it to the public. In 2026, the Olympic Games will be held in Italy, and biathlon exercises will be held in Anterselva.


Gold Wholesaler: Dorothea Wehrer has won four World Cup golds in her career and has won two World Cups.

Photo: Marco Bertorello

From there, Ferrer has good memories. When the World Championships were held in Anterselva in 2020, Wehrer quickly claimed two golds and two silvers from the tournament.

But how things will go in the next restroom in Nove Mesto, which starts on February 7, she's not sure.

– Now my goal is not to get sick anymore. I hope I can do that. And I just want to be as prepared as possible for the bathroom. Then we'll see how it turns out. “I'm not a machine and I have to be patient with my body,” Ferrer says.

Torgeir Björn, NRK's ​​biathlon expert, explains how Wierer should attack the World Championships in Nove Mesto in February.

She should choose two or three training sessions during the bathroom, focus her form towards that, and hope that it will work.

– It seems to be a requirement for him to reach his physical condition to the required level. But she has a lot of routine and experience, and she must use all her tricks to conjure the model of a toilet.


Main track: Ahead of the World Cup weekend in Interselva, Wehrer returns after being away from the World Cup circus since mid-December.

Photo: Roy Kenneth Sidneys Jacobsen/NRK

– Glad there are two weeks until the bathroom

And in the mixed relay on Saturday during the World Cup finals in Interselva, the Italian star finally got a little boost. It was a good first leg for the Italian national team, who eventually fought back to win against Norway.

Italy had to lose to Norway, but it finished second. In the Italian team, Ferrer teamed up with Lisa Vittuzzi, Didier Bionaz and Tommaso Giacomel.

The second place in the mixed relay was Wierer's 80th podium finish. But despite the rally, Ferrer opted out of the joint start in Anterselva on Sunday. on Instagram Write to her that she needs rest after all this illness.

And this exactly speaks positively about the WC, says the biathlon expert of NRK.

– This is exactly how she should do it now. With a weak foundation, you probably won't handle many runs one after the other. Then she's right, says Torgeir Bjorn.

“I'm so happy that there are still two weeks before the bathroom,” says Dorothea Ferrer.

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