Drama – Warnings about uncultured people:

Drama - Warnings about uncultured people:

– I enjoy being bullied. Exclusion, ostracism and it’s being talked about rather than being talked about, says Drummen’s deputy mayor Stoll Sørensen (AP). Tramens dente.

Sorensen warned Wednesday about the lack of culture in Draman’s politics. He says he dreads going to work.

In front of Dagbladet, he elaborates that he came up with it because it’s about more people than himself:

– It’s about how the policy is organized, Sørensen tells Dagbladet, where it’s difficult to follow normal working environment laws.

A real problem

Many affirm that there is a form of non-culture.

Mads Hilden, manager of Drammen Ap, told Drammens Tidende that some people try too hard to hang opinions and cases on people on social media and match each other’s intentions.

– I know many people who have had bad experiences, so it is clear that this is a real problem, says Hilton to the local newspaper.

– It is important to show that there are two parallel worlds of political debates. Hilton says walking in the hall is an opportunity for the mayor to control the tone and acceptable, and walking outside, without the leader, is definitely easier to carry. Tramens dente.

Suitable for everyone

Speaking to Dagbladet, Deputy Mayor Sørensen specifically points out how he was treated in the local MDG committee, where he was previously active.

Kathryn Jannoy, MDG’s team leader in Drammen, confirms that there is a drastic change of words in Drammen’s politics, which often focus on people instead of issues. He says this will happen in the chairmanship and in the municipal council.

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– There is a fierce exchange of words and strong fronts, and the political arena demands everyone, he says.

confronting behavior

At the same time, the MDGs indicate that everyone should go for themselves. He says Sorensen contributed to such a culture through his behavior as a politician.

– Everyone is responsible for that. Johnny tells Dogbladet that if you want something done, everyone has to do it themselves.

To that, Sorensen responded that he had a clear conscience for his behavior.

– It’s not about conflicts or individuals, but about a system that doesn’t deal with people who don’t behave well towards others, Sørensen tells Dagbladet.

Karahkhani: – Regret

Storting President Masud Gharahkhani has previously been Ap Group Leader in Drammen County.

– I’ve read the case and it’s incredibly sad that Stahl is going through this. This is an obvious point and should be taken seriously.

He says it’s hard to get new people involved if so many people experience it.

– I know many politicians unfortunately experience hate speech and incitement on social media, which is already a heavy burden in everyday life, says Karahkhani.

– So sad

Right-wing group leader in Drammen, Kristin Moe Surlien, describes the revelation as tragic and says it must be taken seriously.

– I know there is a difficult discussion environment and difficult exchanges, but if someone experiences it as bullying and harassment, it has gone too far. Churlian tells Dogbladet that such uncivilized culture should not be allowed.

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Surlien says he doesn’t enjoy the culture in local politics as Sørensen describes it, but others don’t dismiss it.

– I don’t know anyone who experiences this. But when it came out we took it seriously and discussed it in our team meeting. If any of us feel that way, there’s a limit to speaking up, he says.

Mayor: – Tough

Drammen Mayor Monica Myrvold Berg (Ap) says that she receives a lot of comments that being a politician is difficult, not only among colleagues, but also in the media and opinion fields.

– A person has his own experience, so if these are his feelings, then he is right. Then everyone around is responsible. I can’t say whether that’s true or not, but I’ve worked with representatives on how to treat one-on-one, and it’s been a topic of training for elected representatives on many occasions, Berg says.

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