Heavy fire in residential building in Farsund: Two houses empty

Heavy fire in residential building in Farsund: Two houses empty

The house collapsed due to fire. The fire department said no one was home.

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A fire has broken out in a residential building in Farsund, southern Norway.

Police said no one was home. The burning building has collapsed due to the fire.

– We have six units on site and are currently working on house control burning. We are doing this to avoid the risk of contagion, says VG’s supervisor to Grunde Homme, 110 Center Agder on Thursday evening.

Emergency services are at the scene. The house has full ignition. Earlier on Thursday evening, there was a risk of spreading to other houses. After 9 p.m., the fire department said it was under control and there was no risk of spread.

– Fire has escaped from the building and it is burning outside the windows. “We’ve just arrived at the location and don’t know much yet,” Homme told VG earlier Thursday evening.

Two houses in the area have been evacuated following the fire. As of 9 p.m., there is no indication that there is a need to evacuate any more homes. Police are in contact with the residents of the said address.

A close neighbor of the house witnessed the drama unfolding in the street.

– When I came it was full of fire. The fire is well under control now.

A neighbor says those thoughts went to the town fire of 1901.

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– It promises to be less windy today.

– How does it feel when the fire is so close?

– You get a kick. Woe to home owners. There is nothing left.

Forsund is a municipality in southern Norway.

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