– I wish the luckiest one to win – E24

– I wish the luckiest one to win – E24

Directors Marius Borthen and Thomas Nielsen strongly disagree on how the market will develop. Now the exclusive bottle is available to you.

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– Damn, I didn’t understand this, writes the first fund manager, Thomas Nielsen On X (formerly Twitter).

Points to the first page In FinanceAffairs Titled “Star Manager Marius Borthen: Bracing Himself for a Stock Market Crash.”

Borthen, who runs Blueberry Capital He explains later He does not believe in excrement, but in stagnation.

Anyway, on the job The official writes He hasn’t been so negative about the market since January 2020.

– The risk is definitely on the downside now. The explosion in long-term interest rates is bound to cause bigger problems in the global economy somewhere.

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The turbidity is starting to put some fat carboniferous birds on the surface

– an agreement

On the other side we find Thomas Nielsen. He runs a real estate fund that invests in Swedish real estate stocks. This is a sector that has witnessed several crises recently. So far this year, the fund is down 5.5 percent.

The manager recently invested NOK 1.5 million from his own pocket in the First Eiendom fund. He is convinced that stocks will trend upward from today’s date until New Year’s.

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Borthen disagrees.

-We both have very little impactimpactIt can be translated to gears. Using leverage, you can borrow money to leverage stocks and get returns or losses many times higher than you would get by trading stocks the usual way. On the bet, Thomas. First Eiendom, up or down until 12/31 (from today’s closing price). Do you want to fill your wine cabinet for 2024, so that 6 bottles of good Montrachet fit into the vessel?

The bottle is like burthen Links in topic X Not from a Montrachet vineyard, but from a much more affordable vineyard in the commune of Chassagne-Montrachet.

Vinmonopolet has only one wine from two different Montrachet vineyards available so far, both of which cost more than NOK 16,000. Borthen’s offering can be purchased for NOK 1,000 per bottle.

E24 has been in contact with Marius Borthen, who did not wish to comment further on the wine selection.

Six bottles is too much for Nielsen.

– for me BeliefBeliefBelief The next three months are somewhat lower than Montrachet reflects. But it’s a fun bet, with a bottle of Chiblis Magnum! an agreement?

– an agreement. This wine looks good.

– Failed every blind test

E24 contacts Thomas Nielsen for a more detailed explanation of the selection Magnum Chablis.

– Time for a wine chat?

Yes, even if you call someone who knows little about wine. I must have failed every blind test.

– What made you choose Magnum Chablis then?

-Always enjoy a large bottle. It’s rare to go wrong with Chablis. He says it’s the right amount, not exactly the most expensive.

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I’m looking for three things

The manager thinks more about property shares. He has confidence in his own fund, even though it is down 48 percent from its peak in the fall of 2021.

– It’s not fun when the size of the fund you manage halves. “I’d like to be apart of that,” he says.

Deflation is often something you have to go through for things to work out in the end, he says.

Nielsen believes the most important thing is for real estate stocks to survive when the market crashes. In the long term, he believes that investors and companies that dare to invest countercyclically will benefit from it. He looks for three things when picking stocks.

– Firstly; Don’t go OK. The company should not make an issue that is too dilutive, nor refinance at an interest rate that is too high.

– I expect you are confident that the bet will go in your favor since you have invested a large amount of your own money?

– You can never be sure, but I think there are good values ​​in the companies in the fund.

– good luck. Let the best win.

– Rather, we would say I hope the luckiest person wins.

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