Drones shot down over Moscow: – Thunder:

Drones shot down over Moscow: – Thunder:

– The attempt of the Kiev regime to attack areas of civilian infrastructure, including the airport, is another terrorist act, she wrote on her Telegram channel.

Four drone attacks were reported in the Moscow region on Tuesday morning, according to Russian media. Later, the number was revised up to five. One of them was said to have been dropped over a military facility in the town of Kubinka, about 60 kilometers west of the capital. A drone was also shot down in the city, which was heading towards Moscow, according to TASS.

An outbuilding caught fire when one of the drones was shot down, but there were no casualties.

– sends their soldiers to their death

Blame the West

Zakharova is also critical of the West, suggesting that she may have been complicit in what she describes as a terrorist attack.

– Considering that Zelensky commits these terrorist attacks with weapons provided by the West or with Western money, this is international terrorism. The international community must realize that the United States, Great Britain and France – the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council in general – finance the terrorist regime.

From May: According to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, minor damage was confirmed to a number of buildings in the Russian capital on Tuesday morning, following a drone attack. Reporter: Mart Niloken-Hilseth/Dagbladet.
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According to the mayor of Moscow, no one was hurt in the drone accidents. Emergency services were still working at the scene on Tuesday morning.

As a result of the events, an airport in the Russian capital was closed for several hours. Flights have now resumed.

A total of 14 flights were affected, which were diverted to other airports in Moscow.

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Disaster Fears: - Genuine concern

Disaster Fears: – Genuine concern

More drones over Moscow

Russia previously claimed to have shot down Ukrainian drones en route to targets in Russia. In May, two drones were shot down over the Kremlin in an attack Russia blamed on Ukraine. According to the New York Times, US intelligence also believes that Ukraine was behind this attack.

In recent months, there have been several drone attacks in Russia, but Ukraine has not publicly admitted that it has carried out attacks against targets in Russia.

Ukrainian spokesmen had earlier confirmed that after the Russian invasion in February of last year, the country had full right to carry out such attacks.

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