Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan:

Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan:

Since a week Queen Elizabeth is dead96 years old.

Recently, Queen Elizabeth’s immediate family gathered in her coffin in Westminster Hall to honor and remember the late Queen. The coffin will lie here until Monday’s funeral.

He was among them too A princess Kate (40) and Duchess Megan (41), which included some very private and poignant details.

brooch bar elizabeth

Duchess Kate wore a pearl and diamond brooch that until recently belonged to Queen Elizabeth, which the late Queen herself wore in 1999, according to Denmark look and hear.

In addition, the 40-year-old wore the pearl earrings that belonged to her mother-in-law, Prince William, Princess Diana.

First letter: At 19:00 on Friday 9 September, King Charles spoke for the first time as King. It happened just a day after the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death at the age of 96. Video: Reuters
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Duchess Meghan also caused a stir with her jewelry choices. The pearl earrings were a gift from Queen Elizabeth for Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018.

special meaning

Both the Duchess’ earrings are white pearls, which is no accident.

It is a tradition for members of the royal family to wear white pearls when mourning. to me telegraphPearls should symbolize tears.

Pearl jewelry is often called “mourning jewellery”, which can be translated as “mourning jewellery” in Norwegian.

Mourning clothes have been part of European royal culture for centuries, but reached their peak in the 19th century with the influence of Queen Victoria, who set the standards, Matthew Storey, curator of the Historical Museum of the Royal Palaces, tells The Telegraph.

Historical: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store describes what Queen Elizabeth had to say about Norway. Reporter: Björg Dahle Johansen. Photo/Video: Chad Mediene.

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Black clothes for the rest of his life

The tradition began in 1861 when Queen Victoria lost her husband, Prince Albert. After Albert’s death, she wore black for the rest of her life.

Since then, it has become protocol for the royal family to wear black clothes and pearl jewelry after losing family and friends. For example, Queen Elizabeth wore such an outfit at Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997, and was last seen in black and pearls at her husband’s funeral in 2021.

Passed away: Britain’s longest-serving monarch turned 96 years old. This was her life. Reporter: Mart Niloken Hellseth.
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Now it’s the royal family’s turn to honor the Queen in black and pearl.

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