Duchess Meghan: – Make a fuss:

Duchess Meghan: - Make a fuss:

Saturday afternoon Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (41) At Windsor Castle to meet grieving Britons, following the death of Queen Elizabeth on Thursday last week.

With them were Prince William, 40, and Princess Kate, 40, as they all debuted together over two years ago.

Both spouses took their time to speak and greet the crowds that had gathered to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth. They also accepted bouquets of flowers from those present.

However, there was one moment that caught my eye. writes, among other things Sixth page.

Encourage: When Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan arrived in Windsor in London, they were given a warm welcome.
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high security risk

Duchess Meghan did not want to give up the bouquet of flowers she received for a royal employee. This was revealed through a video that caused the excitement of many people.

In the end, Meghan finally handed the bouquet to a member of the royal crew, after being asked to do so a second time.

Bouquet: Duchess Meghan held a bouquet of flowers in her hands.  Photo: Kirsty O'Connor/POOL/AFP/NTB

Bouquet: Duchess Meghan held a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Photo: Kirsty O’Connor/POOL/AFP/NTB
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Royal expert and political commentator, Jonathan Sacredotti, explains to Page Six why the video has drawn attention. According to Sacerdoti, Meghan could have put herself and Prince Harry at risk when she refused to hand over the package.

“In my opinion, it makes sense that Meghan and Harry wouldn’t want to keep the big things that are given to them from the public, if we were only thinking about security,” Sacardotti told Page Six on Tuesday.

Furthermore, Sacerdoti shared that it is common practice for members of the royal family to follow protocol, especially during high security risk gatherings such as their trip to Windsor.

It is believed that such situations carry a high risk because they are competent people. So it is dangerous not to take the advice of people who want to ensure their safety.

England: King Charles thanks his condolences on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Video: Reuters
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– Tough situation

Sacredotti told Page Six that Harry and Meghan clearly didn’t know what they were doing and should have been directed.

– They should have been guided by the king’s lieutenants. All of the royals involved in the grieving process are clearly in a stressful situation, and they all depend on the team of advisers and planners working with them.

He continues that it would be reasonable to take the advice and follow the plans already made.

I meant a lot: For her pals Alex and Rob, Queen Elizabeth has been a great role model for them since they were little. They believe that her death will remain in Britain for a long time to come. Photo: John T. Pedersen / Dagbladet
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The royal expert also noted that Prince William and Princess Kate have no problem following the wishes of royal aides.

– William and Kate know how it goes. They take the bouquet and pass it to the assistants right behind them. They cannot carry all these flowers. He concluded that assistants would combine it with other honors.

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