Durek Verrett reveals the Elden – VG collaboration

Durek Verrett reveals the Elden – VG collaboration
Counsel: Elden will be Doric Ferret’s legal advisor.

Elden will act as legal advisor to Princess Martha Louise’s fiancée.


Derek Verrett marks Instagram Saturday that attorney John Christian Elden will henceforth represent him.

When asked what that meant, Elden replied:

– As a legal adviser, he is generally against Norwegian law and assessments of the attacks against him and his personal circumstances, he tells VG.

He makes it clear that he is not Ferret’s press spokesperson, and also says:

– I am not involved in anything specific pendingpendingCases that are criminally prosecuted and not decided (where the person concerned has often been charged or prosecuted). Experience.

In the introduction to Elden, Verrett writes that it is important to have strong people in your life who “protect you from those who want to harm you.”

He also named two other “protectors” in the Instagram message.

– I know that with all of you by my side, I will feel stronger and more confident in moving forward in life, in my service and love to people all over the world, Verrett writes.

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Durek Verrett displayed one of his controversial medals when he spoke in front of students at Nydalen High School.

Pride in the king

Ferret spoke newly On settling Prince Harry’s racism.

VG wrote that Prince Harry is in an interview with the TV channel ABC He pays tribute to the Norwegian king To defend Princess Martha Louise’s relationship with Durek Verrett and anti-racism leadership.

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King Harald has asked that “conscious and unconscious racism” stop.

– The world needs to know what a wonderful forward looking King of Norway he is who fights racism and stands up for me. Now other royal families must also start speaking out about racism. It provides a great opportunity for change, among other things, Ferret said.

More royal families should do like King Harald.

Proud: – I’m so proud that Prince Harry has stood up against racism, Durek Verrett told VG. Here with Princess Martha Louise in October.

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