Bitcoin has crossed $21,000 again

Bitcoin has crossed $21,000 again

Bitcoin fever is not over yet. In the past week, the price of the digital currency has risen sharply, and the trading price on Saturday exceeded $21,000.

Compared to last week, the rate increased by 24.5%.

On Saturday, January 7, one bitcoin was trading for $16,935. A week later, the highest price was $21,083.

You have to go back to November 7 of last year when the price was above $21,000, just above Saturday’s high.

12 month decline

The price of bitcoin has fallen over the past year. In mid-January 2022, the turnover was about $43,000. Then it rose until the end of March, peaking at around $47,500.

After that, Bitcoin was going downhill.

The first drop lasted until the beginning of June, when the rate was stable for a while at just over $30,000. Then it slid back down to just under $20,000.

Throughout the fall, it climbed again to $25,000, before starting a new fall in November.

70 percent lower than peak rates

The price fell to a low of $15,742 on November 10. No major movements could be tracked until last week.

The bottom quote on November 10 is also the same date that bitcoin saw its highest price, but in 2021. At that time, one bitcoin was trading for $69,044.

Bitcoin price today is 69.5 percent lower than its peak price.

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