Earthquakes in Iceland: – Taken in peaches:

Earthquakes in Iceland: – Taken in peaches:

Iceland (Dagbladet): On Tuesday, Regnar Visaj, a photographer for the Icelandic broadcaster RUV, tried to enter an empty house in the evacuated town of Grindavik.

The incident was captured on the homeowner’s security camera.

Now Visage is lying flat and apologizing for the incident, The Icelandic reports Weser newspaper.

evacuation: Residents of the Icelandic town of Grindavik, who are inside the town to retrieve necessary possessions, are now being evacuated from the area. The reason is the discovery of high values ​​of sulfur dioxide (sulfur dioxide) in the area. The Dagbladet Iceland team reports on the tense atmosphere outside the city. Reporter: Benedik Hansen. Photo: Annabelle Brun/Dagbladet
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– Shame on you

It is Halldora Sigtryggsdottir who lives in the house. Like the rest of the population of Grindavik, she was evacuated as a result of the earthquakes that struck Iceland.

React strongly to the photographer’s behavior.

– People got seasick

– Now I’m sad, she writes at the beginning In a post on Facebook Where she also shares the video of the incident.

It shows Visage first approaching the house and taking photos before apparently grabbing the closed door handle. It can then appear as if the photographer is searching for keys around the entrance area before finally leaving the venue.

– Shame on you RUV, writes Sigtryggsdottir as well.

In the movie: The video shows the photographer first approaching the house and taking pictures.  Photo: private

In the movie: The video shows the photographer first approaching the house and taking pictures. Photo: private
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Sorry for the “crazy” behavior.

He lays down completely after the accident and describes his behavior as “crazy.”

– I sincerely apologize for my behavior in Grindavik, he writes Photographer on Facebook.

“Pompeii of the North”: – It could get worse

Visaj told the newspaper Visir that he was probably one of the last people to leave Grindavik yesterday, after the city was evacuated, and that the situation was tense.

– And in the midst of all this madness, I made sure that there was someone inside this house. In retrospect, of course, I can see that I did it crazy, the photographer tells Visir.

inside and outside: All residents evacuated from the volcano-threatened town of Grindavik in Iceland were given the opportunity on Monday to retrieve their valuables, with authorities asking them to spend as little time as possible. The Dagbladet team in Iceland continued the exciting afternoon. Reporter: Benedik Hansen. Video: Annabelle Brun/Dagbladet
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His employer, RUV, also apologized for the incident.

– RUV News Department apologizes to the residents of the house and to all residents of Grindavik. RUV correspondents tried to cover the events in Grindavik while respecting the residents and their property, a statement issued by the national radio said.

-Preparing us for the worst

-Preparing us for the worst

The report says the behavior seen in this video is neither consistent with our rules nor our ideals for how a newsroom should operate.

They also wrote that they consider the incident to be a result of the tense and chaotic situation on the ground in Grindavik.

– But we will continue to follow our procedures and rules, explains RUV.

On Wednesday, emergency services again closed the road to Grindavik and set up a checkpoint. There are long queues to enter the small town, which opens from time to time so that residents can, among other things, collect their belongings.

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