Tronder artist won a big prize: – I thought we’d just have a beer

Tronder artist won a big prize: – I thought we’d just have a beer

– No one has ever made such an effort to surprise me. I thought we were going to have a beer at Blå, but then the Minister of Culture was here to give a speech. I was confused about the surprise award presentation on Tuesday,” says Ari, whose real name is Ariadne Lonsworth Jensen.

The artist spread on Tik Tok: – Many people went through the same thing I went through

-It’s completely unique and has staying power and I really like it. This is also a talent award, and if it has something, it is talent, says Tatiana Palanca, president of the jury and member of the GramArt board of directors, while Minister of Culture and Equality Lubna Jaafari gave a speech by an affected artist and stressed that music is such an art. An important part of our lives.


This summer, Ari released “Himalayan Road,” the first new song after his sad album last year. “It’s a prayer for myself, to allow myself to feel good again,” Ari said.
picture: Ole Martin Halvorsen

Ari will use the talent prize money to “survive.” Because she is now NOK 100,000 richer, as well as a diploma and a vinyl record with the jury’s reasons for choosing her out of 150 candidates. In it, it is said that Ari is a “unique resident of the Norwegian music industry”.

Because in a situation where others might have put aside their artistic career, according to the jury, Ari “took full control of his life and career and made an unforgettable comeback.”

Ari was a shooting star in 2016, but things cooled down after that. Just last year, her debut album “For evig” was released, for which she was nominated for a Spellemann Prize in the electronic category. By then she had learned to produce her own music, which in “Forever” was about the grief of losing her twin brother.

– I had to find a way to trust myself, and bring out my inner voice – what I think is cool or not, she then told NTB.


The stage is set for Round 2 of “Snøfall” with some new faces in attendance

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