Easter: – The Easter egg hunt has ended in chaos

Easter: – The Easter egg hunt has ended in chaos

When Ilkjub’s Finnish “sister” Gigante had to organize an Easter egg hunt, things went really wrong.

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Dubbed “Finland’s Biggest Egg Hunt,” the electronics chain has organized an egg hunt this weekend in several of its Finnish subsidiaries.

– nightmare

Customers can search for silver eggs in stores, and win a variety of products. Among the prizes were a pizza oven, a robotic vacuum cleaner and a PlayStation 5, the Finnish newspaper reported. Next.

It was at the Tamisto branch in Gigante near Vantaa that the event did not go as planned. With the doors opening at 11 a.m. Sunday, people poured in.

Destructive: - Destroys everything

Destructive: – Destroys everything

– It was a nightmare, says one customer named Anu, who took her baby to Gigante herself to look for eggs, to the newspaper.


Anu says the worst mess was at the front door. She says she saw children and adults being pushed to the ground.

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She herself says that she also fell to the ground.

– A little boy was injured when he ended up under the crowd. Anu said the baby and the mother cried inside the shop.

– Sorry

Rita Pasanen, Communications Manager at Gigantti, told Iltalehti that egg hunts were very popular throughout Finland, and that staff were ready to welcome people in a safe way.

Long lines from the mountain

Long lines from the mountain

However, she says it will be a more difficult task than first thought, and admits that there are some fallen people.

Pasanen says the chain apologizes for what happened.

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– We regret this and we will learn from it, because a pleasant and meaningful customer experience is the most important thing for us, says Pasanin.

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