Eric Hornland – Nonsense!

Eric Hornland – Nonsense!

Bergen (Dagbladet): Brann played for promotion last season. This winter they looked great again.

They are in the cup semi-finals after crushing Sandefjord. At dress rehearsal, Sogndal was beaten 6-0.

Fans hope for medals, and many experts predict a medal for Bergen in the Eliteserien comeback season. TV2 experts Jesper Mathisen and Yaw Amankwah had a bran Norway’s best team is now in the power rating.

TV 2’s decision criticized

– Nonsense

These tips are something Brann coach Erik Hornland learned, and responded forcefully when he invited Dagbladet into the office of coach and assistant Erik Huseklepp.

– We feel that we are in a good place and in good development, but talking about us at the top is complete nonsense, he says clearly.

The guy just wanted to propose. It won’t be easy.
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– Why?

I know there are high expectations for us, but we are a newly promoted team. It’s the same team that moved down in 2021 and up in 2022 that will now take us to the Eliteserien this year. Hornland replied: “We haven’t bought anything, it takes time to get really good, and there are still some clubs that are very much ahead of us.”

- bankrupt

– bankrupt

He announced to Dagbladet that there will be a Brann team that will enjoy the home crowd in 2023, and that it is something they will not give up, no matter the opponent.

– We’re not yet at the point where Bran has become a stable team over time. It will require more from us, but we are willing to stand through the process. Culture has to be a big part of it, and it has to work over time. Brann has huge potential, but we have to build this up slowly but surely, the coach explains.

- I will kill you

– I will kill you

– unrealistic

Table tips are also met with suspicion in the group of players.

It’s unrealistic to say we have to be on our way to getting a medal. But we have the mentality that we want to control every game, which indirectly says that we hope to do well, says Matthias Rasmussen.

He believes Brann has become completely lethargic on offense, and describes the unity in the group as the best thing he’s experienced in his career.

You haven’t seen this before. Video: O Tempo Sports/Sport TV
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Forward Bård Finne will be hoping to take advantage of Brann’s chance-making attack.

– How strong are you?

– It’s hard to say. At the moment we look very strong, but we will step up and be just as motivated as we were last year, at a much higher level. It’s not that easy. Finn replies: We’ll start well this year, but I’m not going to say too big words.

collapsed into the stands - died

collapsed into the stands – died

– But is there a huge enthusiasm around the club now?

– Yes. There is a lot of interest and enthusiasm and people speak quickly and in big words, but I am more sober and anxious about having to do the job first. I feel like the rest of the group of players is, although there is a lot of confidence in the group here now.

He points out that Hornland is the kind of coach who makes sure not to fly too high.

– He’s strict?

– Yes, this is. But I see that as a strength.

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