EBU: ‘Extraordinary’ vote during second Eurovision semi-final

EBU: 'Extraordinary' vote during second Eurovision semi-final

The panel discovered the voting patterns of the jury from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino, all of which participated in the second semi-finals of Eurovision this year.

Four of the six juries placed all of the other five countries in the top five, one jury placed one in the top six, and the last of six juries placed four of the others in the top four and five in the top seven. Four of the six countries had at least one set of 12 points, which is the maximum that can be awarded, according to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in press release.

The reason this was considered unusual was that five of these six countries were placed outside the top eight of juries in the 15 other countries that voted in the same semi-finals. Four of them are ranked among the six worst in 15 other countries.

– Such an unusual vocal pattern has never happened beforewrites EBU.

According to its own rules, the union chose to remove the relevant votes and replace them with an automatically calculated result. The same was done in the final.

– The European Broadcasting Union has since discussed the jury vote with the broadcasters concerned and given them the opportunity to investigate the jury votes in their country in more detail, it was reported.

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