“Shall we dance”: – Kissed Live

"Shall we dance": - Kissed Live

She has long thrived on romantic rumors about co-stars Royan Harkati and dance partner Ole Thomas Hansen. The duo has repeatedly denied that there is anything between them more than friendship, but during the Saturday dance they couldn’t hold back.

It’s a fantasy night at Shall We Dance and Royan dance like Pocahontas. She and Ollie happily finished the dance with a small kiss. It did not go unnoticed:

– Did you accept correctly? , shouted Merith Mork Lingord, something the duo shyly confirmed.

passionate: She got emotional during Maren Lundby (27) on TV2 Skal vi danse on Saturday. Images courtesy of TV2
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Dedicated to her beloved dance partner, Ruyan said after the dance, “Don’t we dance to be our way if it weren’t for Ole Thomas, and I’ve become very fond of him.”

The duo earned 25 points for their dance.

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