EC 2024, EC Football | Euro 2024: Artificial intelligence predicts England will win the European Football Championship

Euro 2024, the European football championship, will open on 14 June 2024. The tournament will be held in Germany and the opening match will be played at the Allianz Arena in Munich. 24 countries will compete in the tournament, which will be held in ten different stadiums across Germany. The final match is scheduled to be held on July 14, 2024 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

We investigated using advanced AI, through the ChatGPT 4o model, asking it to analyze form, lineups, matches, past results and odds and use all its computing power to predict how the tournament will end.

Below you can read the result from what the AI ​​predicted. Please note that we have not changed any of the text.

Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Analysis and forecastingThe first group consists of Germany, Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland. Germany, as the host nation, has a significant home advantage. Historically, Germany has performed well in domestic tournaments, as evidenced by their 2006 World Cup win and their overall strength in UEFA's tournaments. Scotland have improved in recent years but still lack the experience needed to compete against the top nations. Hungary's performance was mixed, while Switzerland showed solidity in recent tournaments.

Matches and results:

Germany 3-1 Scotland

Hungary 1–2 Switzerland

Germany 2-0 Hungary

Scotland 1-1 Switzerland

Switzerland 1-2 Germany

Scotland 2-1 Hungary

Final table:

Germany – 9 points

Switzerland – 4 points

Scotland – 4 points

Hungary – 0 points

Germany clearly leads the group, while Switzerland qualifies for second place on goal difference behind Scotland.

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Group Two: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Analysis and forecasting: Spain, Croatia and Italy are all strong teams with a rich history in European leagues. Spain and Italy won many titles, while Croatia showed its admiration for a strong generation of players in recent years. Albania is clearly the underdog in this group.

Fixtures and results:

Spain 2–1 Croatia

Italy 3-0 Albania

Croatia 2–0 Albania

Italy 1-1 Spain

Spain 3–0 Albania

Croatia 1–2 Italy

Final table:

Italy – 7 points

Spain – 7 points

Croatia – 3 points

Albania – 0 points

Italy leads the group on goal difference, while Spain qualifies for second place.

Group Three: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Analysis and forecasting: England are favorites in this group due to the depth of their squad. Denmark has emerged as a strong competitor, especially after its performance in the 2020 European Championship. Serbia has a talented team, while Slovenia will have difficulty keeping up with the level of other teams.

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Fixtures and results:

Slovenia 0-2 Denmark
Serbia 1-3 England
Denmark 2–1 Serbia
England 3-0 Slovenia
Slovenia 1-2 Serbia
Denmark 1-2 England

Final table:

England – 9 points
Denmark – 6 points
Serbia – 3 points
Slovenia – 0 points

England leads the group, followed by Denmark in second place.

Group Four: Poland, Netherlands, Austria, France

Analysis and forecasting: France, as the 2018 world champions, are favorites in this group. The Netherlands made a strong recovery after a difficult period, while Austria and Poland could pull off an upset but are likely to compete for third place.

Fixtures and results:

Poland 1–2 Netherlands

Austria 0–3 France

Netherlands 2-1 Austria

France 3-0 Poland

Poland 1-1 Austria

Netherlands 1–2 France

Final table:

France – 9 points

Netherlands – 6 points

Austria – one point

Poland – 1 point

France shows its strength and wins the group, and the Netherlands ranks second.

Group Five: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine

Analysis and forecasting: Belgium, with its golden generation, is the clear favourite. Ukraine also has a strong squad, while Slovakia and Romania are likely to compete for the remaining spots.

Fixtures and results:

Belgium 3-1 Slovakia

Romania 1–2 Ukraine

Slovakia 0–2 Ukraine

Belgium 2–0 Romania

Romania 1-1 Slovakia

Ukraine 1–3 Belgium

Final table:

Belgium – 9 points

Ukraine – 6 points

Romania – 1 point

Slovakia – 1 point

Belgium dominates the second position, while Ukraine holds second place.

Group Six: Türkiye, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic

Analysis and forecasting: Portugal, with its star players, is the favourite. Turkey and the Czech Republic could compete for the other places, while Georgia would suffer.

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Fixtures and results:

Türkiye 2-1 Georgia

Portugal 3-0 Czech Republic

Czech Republic 1–1 Türkiye

Portugal 4-0 Georgia

Georgia 1–3 Czech Republic

Türkiye 1-2 Portugal

Final table:

Portugal – 9 points

Türkiye – 4 points

Czech Republic – 4 points

Georgia – 0 points

Portugal leads the group, and Turkey ranks second on goal difference.

Round of 16:

Match 1: Spain vs. Scotland

Spain face Scotland in a match in which Spain are clear favorites due to their technical prowess.

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Prediction: Spain 3-1 Scotland


Spain: Alvaro Morata (2), Ferran Torres

Scotland: John McGinn

Second match: Germany vs. Denmark

Germany faces Denmark in a match that is expected to be close. Germany has the home ground advantage, but Denmark is strong.

Prediction: Germany 2-1 Denmark


Germany: Kai Havertz, Leroy Sane

Denmark: Christian Eriksen

Match 3: Portugal vs. Serbia

Portugal meets Serbia. Portugal has many stars and should win this match.

Prediction: Portugal 2-1 Serbia


Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes

Serbia: Dusan Tadic

Fourth match: Netherlands vs. Ukraine

Netherlands meets Ukraine. The Netherlands have shown strong form and should win.

Prediction: Netherlands 2-0 Ukraine


Netherlands: Memphis Depay, Cody Jacobo

Fifth match: Belgium vs. Croatia

Belgium meets Croatia. Both teams are strong, but Belgium showed better quality.

Prediction: Belgium 2-1 Croatia


Belgium: Romelu Lukaku (2)

Croatia: Luka Modric

Sixth match: France vs. turkey

France meets Turkey. France is the favorite to win with its strong team.

Prediction: France 3-1 Türkiye


France: Kylian Mbappé (2), Antoine Griezmann

Türkiye: Hakan Calhanoglu

Seventh match: England vs. Czech Republic

England faces the Czechs. England have been in fantastic form.

Prediction: England 3-0 Czech Republic


England: Harry Kane (2), Bukayo Saka

Eighth match: Switzerland vs. Italy

Switzerland meets Italy. Italy is the favorite due to its strong defense.

Prediction: Italy 2-1 Switzerland


Switzerland: Xherdan Shaqiri

Italy: El-Shaarawy, Federico Chiesa


Match 1: Spain vs. Germany

Spain faces Germany in an exciting match. Both teams are strong, but Spain has a slight advantage.

Prediction: Spain 2-1 Germany

Second match: Portugal vs. Holland

Portugal faces the Netherlands in a close match. Portugal has the star players to guarantee victory.

Prediction: Portugal 2-1 Netherlands

Match 3: Belgium vs. France

Belgium faces France in a very close match. France has a slight advantage in terms of squad depth.

Prediction: France 2-1 Belgium

Fourth match: England vs. Italy

England faces Italy in an exciting match. England have shown a strong level.

Prediction: England 2-1 Italy


Match 1: Spain vs. Portugal

Spain will meet Portugal in a match between two technical teams. Spain has a slight advantage.

Prediction: Spain 2-1 Portugal

The second match: France vs. England

France meets England in an exciting match. Both teams are strong, but England's form gives them the advantage.

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Prediction: England 2-1 France


Match: Spain vs. England

The final will be between Spain and England. Both teams have shown their strength throughout the tournament. England's attacking power could be decisive.

Prediction: England 2-1 Spain


England won Euro 2024 after a tough battle against Spain, securing their first European Championship title. Harry Kane becomes the tournament's top scorer.

Based on expectations that England will win Euro 2024 and Harry Kane will be the tournament's top scorer, it is likely that Harry Kane will also be named the best player of the tournament. His ability to score crucial goals and lead the team as captain makes him a strong candidate for this award. Kane has been in excellent form and his performances throughout the tournament will play a vital role in England's success.

This is how I did it

We gave the more advanced ChatGPT model input with all the kits in this year's European Football Championship as a PDF, as well as a PDF with all the players selected, and then gave the following command:

These are the groups, and facts about Euro 2024. Can you take a look at the previous tournaments, the formation of the teams, and add everything you can about the coincidences in the tournaments, the advantage of the home stadiums, how the players performed in the squads and other factors. It is important to know what the result will be. Write a text about each group, and how they will end up based on everything you know about football, and what sources are available. Just use your advanced AI in the best possible way to write a text about each group (from Group A to Group F) to write how each match ends, and finally the group ends. So write about how the playoffs will end using the specific rules by which teams advance, and use the same logic, intelligence, probability, randomness, shape, and all other important factors to predict the results in the best possible way. Take into account the coincidences that often occur, past settlements and other factors that are usually the most important in predicting how football matches will end.

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