EC duel on 1 Olympic position at 5000m – VG

EC duel on 1 Olympic position at 5000m – VG
ONE PLACE, Two MEN: Hallgeir Engebråten (left) and Sverre Lunde Pedersen were unable to manage the Olympic time requirement of 5,000 metres. But one of them will take the place of the share of Norway in Beijing, after a duel at the European Championships in three weeks. Photo taken from the team’s tempo race in Calgary last weekend.

Sverre Lunde Pedersen (29) did not meet the 5000-meter time requirement, but still came out to the Olympics at the expense of the fastest Sander Etrim (19) – because the veteran would take a medal at the team’s pace in Beijing.

– It is so boring, as it seems now, that he is unlikely to go to the Olympics. I admire what he did. But he says he has many Olympics ahead of him Lund Pedersen Ambassador Considering the omission of Sander Itrim – in favor of himself.

Sverre Lunde Pedersen had taken bronze in the 5,000m in Pyeongchang about four years ago. At the World Cup a week ago, he was three tenths of a second away from securing Norway – and himself – a second Olympic ticket by distance.

Norway now has only one share in the men’s category. 20 runners will run the 5,000m at the Olympics.

Youngster Sander Etrim ran the 5,000m in Group B in Calgary on December 11 with a personal record of 6.12.88, while Lundy Pedersen’s ambassador got 6.14.32 – and finished seventh.

Eitrem finished fourth, and Hallgeir Engebråten ranked ninth with 6.16.21.

Then the Norwegian Ski Federation On Monday, he left his Olympic team According to the maximum quota of seven men, Sander Yatrim was not among those. It was Sverre Lunde Pedersen and Hallgeir Engebråten, because the two together with Peder Kongshaug make up Team Norway’s trio – Norway’s strongest men’s Olympic medal card.

We have an absolute possibility to win a medal. There are three races, and anything can happen, ambassador Lund Pedersen says after finishing second at the World Cup in Salt Lake and Calgary.

He led Norway to Olympic gold at team pace in South Korea in February 2018.

See the list of all 47 Norwegian athletes selected for the Olympics in the first-choice Monday here

Hallgeir Engebråten Or Sverre Lunde Pedersen will walk 5,000 meters at the Beijing Olympics. Which of the two will be, will most likely be specified below EC distance at Heerenveen 7. -9. January – In the form of the so-called American withdrawal.

– I’m so Jira at an altitude of 5000 meters. It’s been a few seconds (for the better), but it looks pretty bright if you can take in as many as you can now, says Sverre Lunde Pedersen.

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The Olympic quota for the Norwegian Ski Federation is eight women, but they are unable to fill it. Ragne Wiklund can walk almost all odd distances In the Olympics, as well as team rhythm with Sofie Karoline Haugen and Marit Fjellanger Bøhm. In the women’s 500m, Norway has two quotas, but the relevant sprinter – Julie Samsonsen And Martine Ripsrud – they did not meet the Olympic requirements.

For men, Norway has two places in the 500m and 1000m, and three in the 1500m – with the Norwegian runners at the Olympics. Olympic Champion Harvard Lorentzen Alan Dahl Johansson was in a “safe place”, while Christian Olecliffe (1500) and Björn Magnussen (sprinter) walked off the Olympic summit on Monday afternoon.

No Norwegian sprinters qualify for the 10,000m at the Olympics. Ryan Weklund is the only Norwegian sprinter at the 5,000 metres, the longest distance for women.

note! Olympic Summit made its first Olympic selection Monday afternoon. The Ski Association has nominated twelve athletes, and the Olympic summit has so far given ten clear signals. The two who aren’t left out right now are Julie Samsonsen and Martin Ribsrud .

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