Japan’s Miss Universe dress sparks controversy – VG

Japan's Miss Universe dress sparks controversy - VG

Miss Universe Gori Watanabe’s dress (26) has been described as “cheap” and “insulting” on social media. Approved by Japan, writes the Israeli embassy.

Indian Harnaz Sandow She ran away with the crown at the Miss Universe contest, which was recently held in Israel.

But the drama is not over yet.

Internet Responds to the “National Costume” dress of the delegate of Japan Gouri Watanabe.

Many people think Japanese dress looks “cheap” and “an insult to Japan,” according to Japan today And next one.

He must represent Japan

In the “National Costume” category, you must wear a costume that says something about the country the participants come from.

Watanabe wore a shiny kimono-like dress with the Japanese flag on the sleeves and the Japanese Emperor’s emblem as a belt.

Many believe it was abhorrent to Watanabe for using the emperor’s symbol in this way.

Beauty: Here’s Gauri Watanabe in a less controversial creation of the same evening.

– It seems that there were no Japanese involved in making this dress. One user wrote this despite the fact that she will be representing Japan.

Another detail that many bothered about was that the dress’s collar was pleated in an arrangement often associated with the dead.

It made a lot of people uncomfortable, writes JapanToday.

– Don’t insult Japan! Do not insult the imperial house of Japan! Don’t insult the kimono! Post wrote.

On her chest she engraved “Japan” in Japanese characters in black ink, and in her hands she held two classic “maneki-neko”.

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“Maneki-neko”, for many already known, is like the figure of a golden cat with a waving paw. It should bring happiness, according to Japanese folklore.

Many believed that the entire costume was a mixture of various stereotypes about Japan. Something many thought was paradoxical for the participant previously mentioned That these are exactly the stereotypes that you want to fight.

Nor is it the first time he has been inspired by Japanese aesthetics. Among those accused of cultural theft are pop princess Ariana Grande and rap star Nicki Minaj.

Watch the dress presentation video here:

Made in Israel

Designer Aviad Adric Hermann behind the design thought the dress should pay tribute to Japanese “Harajuku” fashion.

– I see that the designer has great respect and admiration for Japanese culture, but at the same time had a poor understanding of it, writes one user.

During the show, it was mentioned that the dress was in honor of the Israeli Eurovision winner Neta. She also wore a kimono-inspired dress when she won the competition.

In a series of photos on Twitter, Israeli designer Gouri Watanabe appeared in the outfit. The Israeli Embassy in Japan published these publications.

Due to the noise surrounding the costume, the account later went out and told them that they had not been involved in creating the dress from the start.

The embassy also reported that the dress had been approved by the Japanese side and was received very warmly by Miss Japan.

It is uncertain what Watanabe himself believes about the criticism.

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