Emergency Alert: That’s why phones and siren systems across the country are beeping

Emergency Alert: That’s why phones and siren systems across the country are beeping

There is no reason to be afraid when the sounds of phones and sirens echo across the beautiful country in the middle of June.


On Wednesday, June 14th at 12:00, mobile phones across the country will beep and vibrate when testing the new mobile emergency alert.

The new notification system will be tested on mobile phones across the country on the day of the test.

At the same time, the civil defense will press the button to test more than 1,200 sirens.

– The new emergency alert on mobile is the seven mile step to preparedness. Quick and safe communication about danger or crisis gives more security and has been an important priority for the Center Party and the Labor Party in government, says Minister for Justice and Emergency Services Emily Inger-Mehl (Sp).

Even silent phones will beep, the government said in a press release.

– Notification silent, low volume, mute and the like are bypassed. Mobile phones receiving the test will vibrate and make a loud siren-like sound for about 10 seconds. They write a text explaining that this is an emergency alert test that will appear on the screen.

The notification ping will be noticeable, especially when many people are gathered and several devices will be playing audio at the same time.

The Department of Community Security and Emergency Preparedness (DSB) encourages people to talk to loved ones — children, seniors, and others around them beforehand — so as many people as possible are prepared and know this is just a test.

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The test takes place on Wednesday 14 June for all new and updated mobile phones located in Norway and connected to 4G / 5G networks. Some tablets and smartwatches can also display emergency alerts.

If you do not update your phone, the test notification may not appear. In order not to receive the notification, the phone must be in airplane mode or completely off.

The mobile emergency alert is a complement to the civil defense siren system and police notification procedures.

If you are in a high risk area or dangerous situation, the police can send a warning about what is happening and what you should do to protect yourself.

How: You will get a message on the screen when the notification arrives.

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