Emergency numbers, emergency information | This phone hoax could save lives – Dial 112 with no coverage or cash on the card

Emergency numbers, emergency information |  This phone hoax could save lives - Dial 112 with no coverage or cash on the card

[MITTLILLEHAMMER]: Imagine that you are in a mountain house on a trip. Off the beaten path, someone in your tour group seriously injures themselves, and you realize you need urgent emergency help. However, on the phone you see that your telecom operator is reporting ‘No Service’.

– Then you will probably think that you should get up in heights and find mobile coverage. But before you do that, you should try to call 112. That’s what Chief Engineer Stig Solberg in the Security Division of the National Communications Authority (Nkom) said.

Many need help

NRK Reports suggest that twice as many people have been injured on flights at Gothenheim this year. There has been a clear increase in the number of people injured in the mountains this season, says Knut Anders Saglin, director of operations for the Red Cross Relief Corps in Oppland.

Since June 1 this year, 21 infections have been recorded in their area. That’s double the average of the past four years, NRK writes.

According to Solberg at Nkom, Norwegians are well trained on the three different emergency numbers we have. 110 for firefighting, 112 for police and 113 for ambulance. However, in some situations in Norway, you will have a better chance of being contacted by dialing 112 rather than calling other emergency numbers.

The explanation is that all cell phones and mobile networks have their own software that handles emergency calls differently than regular calls. The program ensures that it is possible to call 112 even if you lack mobile coverage from your operator, you lack a damaged SIM card or you do not have money on the cash card.

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– This still assumes there is mobile coverage from at least one operator from where you are, says Solberg.

To call 112 outside the mobile network of which you are a customer, you must either remove the SIM card, or turn the phone off and on and call 112 for Someone enters a PIN code.

Popular in the European Union

If you are on holiday abroad, you may also find yourself in an emergency situation, and it is good to know that the emergency number 112 is a common European emergency number that works in all EU/EEA countries. If you’ve watched a lot of American movies, the 911 numbers might pop into your head during an emergency. It often happens that most mobile phones sold in Norway send 911 to 112.

The emergency number 112 is a common European emergency number that works in all EU/EEA countries, and in Norway this is the emergency number for the police.

On September 1, 2015, the government introduced the 6-digit national emergency number 116117 (one hundred and sixteen hundred and seventeen).

When you call one of the three emergency numbers, or the emergency number (116117), your call will be automatically connected to the nearest reception desk.

In 2021, according to its annual report, the police recorded nearly 750,000 emergency calls.


The ability to locate the person calling the emergency number is critical to the ability of emergency services to save life and health. Precious time is often wasted trying to locate the caller.

Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is a new aid for emergency services to locate a caller. Today, the AML functionality works with the vast majority of mobile phones running the Android or iOS operating systems.

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AML is a function that ensures that your mobile phone automatically notifies emergency services in your location when you call an emergency number. AML uses information from satellites, Wi-Fi networks, and base stations to get the most accurate position possible. And if you turn off location services on your mobile phone, they will continue to be activated automatically when you call an emergency number. The phone will then collect information from several sources about your location, transmit it, and then disable location services again.

A fuse has also been installed to reduce power consumption. This means that if your mobile phone power is low, the function will work in a more energy efficient way.

There is no doubt that the outcome would have been different in many accidents if you had not had this job, says Solberg.

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