Emile “Voe” Nereng: – – They cracked together and howled

Emile "Voe" Nereng: - - They cracked together and howled

Unlike many other notions of reality, they have 14 participants taking off “Company Lauritzen” Agreement with TV 2 and production company Seefood that they can call home to family and friends.

They could do this twice a week, but the maximum time was one hour each time. This was confirmed to Dagbladet by the press director of TV 2, Jan-Peter Dahl.

However, phone calls don’t always end with smiles and laughter.

– When I called home after my week as a corporal, I totally broke down. My mother’s first question was, “How are you, my girl?” I went all the way to the basement, the food effects, and I told post Emilie “Voe” Nereng (26) Dagbladet.

Company Lauritzen: Daniel Kvamen is disappointed when he gets “a little less than usual”. Video: TV 2 / Reporter: Selena Morkin
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He had psychic talks

She says “the company” was not allowed to call home like she imagined.

– We’ve delivered all the mobiles, and we’ve got 1 hour of total commute time – so you usually end up with a lot of impressions you had to tell us about. But talking to them at home, it was helpful. to handle everything.

According to artist Tone Damli (33), the participants, also mentioned by Nereng, got to call their loved ones at home. Before her first call home, she received well-meaning advice from someone in production.

– We had conversations with a psychiatrist before we even went in, which is a very good thing TV 2 fixed it for us. There we went through all scenarios – we also talked to family along the way. She was advised not to call home, as that could make everything worse, she says.

Company Lauritzen: Tone Damli was told she was “invisible” when the participants had to take their first notes in a military relationship. Reporter: Bjorn Ecker. Video: Selena Morkin
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– Jan-Peter Dahl explains that the participants in the “Kompani Lauritzen” went through a lot, both from physical and mental stress, and then talking to those in the house can be very emotional.

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However, it was not appropriate for Damley to cancel the phone call.

For me, calling home was nothing but a motive. And the conversation she met me was, “Mom, you can’t go home.” A girl who at that time was seven years old. She wanted me to get away. My friend Marcus encouraged me and therefore made sure not to tell me of any difficulties at home.

many tears

On the other hand, Nering received a reaction that she didn’t quite see coming.

– I felt very sorry after a while, because there were so many things that happened that made everything heavy. She explains that I was very nervous inside.

Company Lauritzen: Participants get an introduction to how best to create their own camouflage. Video: TV 2
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– Were there tears?

– Yes, there were a lot of tears from me. But maybe it didn’t come until I went through some practice. Before that I was incredibly positive and got on with my car. But it’s very intense, and ultimately means a lot to you, so for the times when I felt like I wasn’t performing properly, tears came.

The effect is very soft on the inside, she says.

– Yes, I am very sensitive. And when things are in danger, it stirs up a lot of feelings inside me. This is how I made it, she says, before she added:

– In a way, I had a spurt in the beginning, I achieved a lot and came out better. I felt tremendous mastery. But at the same time I kept a lot inside of me. I felt like I hadn’t found my place in the group yet. And then it was difficult and difficult to shut up much of the leader.

Company Lauritzen: When the participants have to climb Trollstigen after a hard day without food and drink, one of the participants falls.
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cracked together in the hallway

Then she’d call home and tell the good news that she was the first to be named “corporal” in season three of “Kompani Lauritzen”.

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– It totally cracked and howled. This wasn’t filmed, it just happened the hour we got home. It was raining too, so I couldn’t be outside – but had to sit in a corner in the hallway. There was a lot of stuff piling up, and people asked “Oh my God, are you okay”? I’ve mastered the exercises, but I felt like I couldn’t master being there. Fortunately, I received very good support from home.

She revealed to Dagbladet that she has a regular “ringing routine.”

– I called my girlfriend first (Torgeir Glomnes Johansen, journal.anm.), and then my mom, just because she feels more comfortable. My father and brother are more cruel. My father and brother told me that I needed to learn not to take everything personally. They’re just trying to break me, and I have to try to let her go.

tears: Damley bursts into tears when she thinks of leaving for the “Company Lauritzen”. Video: TV2
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– Harder than I thought

This is exactly what created the transformation of the 26-year-old’s summary.

Was it the case that you thought about retirement at some point?

– number. I was looking forward to all the sick experiences, and I wanted to test myself – physically. But then I realized the mentality was the hardest. For me, it was as if I thought that if I could master the mindset, there would be nothing that would break me. This gave me a challenge.

She says on house calls, production came and took your phone if an hour had passed.

– She was strict. And I’ve seen many times that others cry because of a difficult conversation at home – or that it was touching to see family or children again. But there was no mercy, the phone was taken from you. It was a lot more difficult than I thought, Emily Neering confesses to Dagbladet.

Get annoyed: One participant struggles to take orders from the lieutenant of the Company Lauritzen. Video: TV 2
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TV 2’s press director explains that it was the captain who collected the phones after the end of the hour, but adds that they didn’t know they had to break into any conversations.

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