Hermann Dahl moved abroad:

Hermann Dahl moved abroad:

On Sunday, YouTube user Hermann Dahl (21 years old) had to leave the major project “The Game” along with his colleague, actress and model Ida Elise Broch (36 years old).

Shortly after recording, the 21-year-old boarded a plane out of the country.

-Do you do things differently

– A week later I went to Prague and now I am at film school here, he says to Se og Hør.

Not only is participating in a television recording very close to traveling abroad.

Harm: The stage is set for the big reveal when “Kjellerlaget” reveals to “Overetasjen” who voted for Anette Hoff in the first episode. Detection leads to dire consequences. Journalist: Jonas Hammer/Thea Hope. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner
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– While I was there and having my lunch break, I tried to find public transportation and a place to stay. She was a very multi-tasker. “I went straight into a new chapter,” he says.

When Se og Hør actually met him before the recording, he told them that he was going to the Czech Republic right after “the game”.

Explains in detail: - Principle

Explains in detail: – Principle

– I have a dream of becoming a film director, he told me at the time.

Now he will soon turn his nose to Norway.

– I'll finish at the end of May, so there's one month left. The Norwegian summer will be beautiful.

bubble: Ida Elise Broch received a lot of criticism for some of the choices she made in the TV 2 project “The Game”. She is now supported by opponent Danpei Choi.
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This isn't Dahl's first time on screen – he previously excelled in both 'Maskorama' and 'Maestro' – but more Norwegians may know the YouTuber's name after his involvement in the hit hit 'The Game'.

He says the feedback has been exclusively positive.

- Paranoia and constant fear

– Paranoia and constant fear

– Actually you were very afraid of what they must be like, because you don't remember exactly what you did or said. But very positive feedback. I haven't quite mastered it since I've been in the Czech Republic now, so it's a bit hard to say anything other than what you've been told.

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