Emily Nehring and Michael Hanson reveal wedding details

Emily Nehring and Michael Hanson reveal wedding details

Towards the end of September, Emily Fu Niering (27) and Michael Hanson (33) were able to reveal their engagement, just over a year after finding their love. The same proposal was made on the first day a year after they met.

-It feels so great! “I am in love and incredibly happy with Michael,” Neering told Dagbladet at the time.

- Incredibly in love

– Incredibly in love

She wanted to keep the details of the proposal to herself – but when Dagbladet meets the couple during the launch of “Helt Rammes sporter”, they can reveal some details about the upcoming wedding.

It is determined when they will get married

– We do some research, check the prices and possibilities to see where it could be – and then we really look forward to it. We are really looking forward to the planning, it is so much fun. We have the same vision of what it would be like,” says Neering.

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– Fortunately, we have some time, so there’s no need to rush. It’s fun to be able to keep going, Hanson adds.

– Yes, have you made an appointment?

– Yes, we are thinking about the summer of 2025. This gives us some time, but it is important to set a time to deal with it, so that it does not last forever, says Hanson.

The couple previously said they wanted a big wedding, preferably one that would last a few days.

Races: - Giant turns

Races: – Giant turns

– How are you going to do this?

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– Send invitations then! jokes the 33-year-old.

“We don’t know exactly how things will turn out, but we’re very worried about our friends,” he says, explaining that they are a big part of his and Neering’s lives.

– There will be quite a few guests!

Several days

– We don’t want it to be just one day, right? “To travel somewhere, whether in Norway or abroad, to get there and stay there with us for several days, that’s what I want,” says Nering.

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– We can say with certainty that it will be from Friday to Sunday. Guests have to stay away for a while so they can’t go home to sleep, so they’re locked in the house and can party with us all night long.

Niring nodded affirmatively and said that they were very much looking forward to the grand wedding.

-Only one side of the story

-Only one side of the story

“I can’t wait to feel the feelings,” Hanson says.

When asked if they wanted children in the future, they said it would probably come naturally eventually. But the next two years will be dedicated to nurturing love.

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