Espen Rostrup Nakstad: – No doubt:

Espen Rostrup Nakstad: - No doubt:

Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad told Dagbladet on Sunday that despite the “only” 5,800 infections today, the figures are not an indication that they are heading in the right direction.

– When we look at the largest municipalities in Norway, we see the highest incidence of infections, which has now risen significantly over the past week, due to Omigron. So the trend of infection is really increasing.

The rise of Nakstad is on a linear line, which means it is slightly slower than our neighbors Denmark and Sweden, but the infection is still on the rise.

– There is no doubt about it. Nuxstad says next week will deliver more numbers than it did last week.

Increase: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nuxstad explains the current epidemic trend
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This is important

– If we look at Norway, is the Omigron wave slightly smaller than first thought?

– It may not go as fast as you thought before Christmas. Looking at how fast it went in Denmark, Great Britain and elsewhere, the number of infections doubled by the third day, and now it could double in a week or even a little more, says Nuxstad.

There are two reasons why this is a good sign.

– It goes very slowly, thankfully. First, those who are admitted to the hospital are less likely to have problems than those who are otherwise. Second, it is time for hospitals to complete treatment for many people with delta variability, until which the majority of those hospitalized are delta variants, says the Assistant Director of Health.

Nakstad says the number of additions has dropped to 246 due to the low number of delta variations and many affected by the Omigron variant.

– Very nice to see, he adds:

– It will determine the stress of the infection, i.e. how many people will be affected per day in the future and how many people will need hospital treatment with the Omigran variant.

Muttering: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Naxstad explains what he knows so far about the new “Deltacron” variant. Video: Evan Larson / Duplicated TV
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– Offers available to everyone in the world

Nakstad points out the importance of preventing new mutations and shortening the duration of this infection, which everyone who is vaccinated must acknowledge.

– Once vaccinated and given immunity, it is nonsense that it is lost, then take a refreshing dose and if the immune system is not restored, the first two doses will be wasted, says the Assistant Director of Health.

Nakstad says that if you are starting a vaccination series in a country, it is important to follow it further and ensure that the immune system is maintained.

– It also helps against mutations and the spread of the virus in that country, he says.

For others, Nakstad hopes the vaccination rate will change this year, especially in poorer countries.

– Given how many vaccines are being produced each month, by 2022 everyone in the world will be vaccinated, which is at least the UN’s ambition.

Depending on how many people say yes to the vaccine.

– Coming up in the week

When asked if relief will be available next week, Nakstad responds that he thinks the government will spend a lot of time this week considering all the plans coming from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, but did not elaborate on what recommendations have been made.

– Our advice is based on a holistic healthcare professional approach and then the government will approach this to meet the needs of other sectors, e.g. Departments of Education and Departments of Business. Then the government will go in and see what actions should be taken, which can be phased out or changed and if there are any new things that we have not done, but that make sense to do, Nakstad continues:

– I think the government will decide that week what adjustments are made, when and how.

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