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Oscar Party: Actor Angus Cloud at Vanity Fair after the Oscars Monday night.

Fezco’s character has become one of the fan favorites in “Euphoria”. Recently, a clip when actor Angus Cloud (23) worked as a waitress went viral on TikTok. Now he is attached to the case.


He’s in Vanity Fair’s Oscarfest Cloud and Entertainment Tonight asks him if he’s seen the video.

“I was a cleaner, a waiter, or a waiter for a lot of people — of all sorts,” he says.

The video in question is two clips shared by TikTok user @just.darleen. Most Viewed has 38.4 million views and 6.1 million likes.

The clips show her group of friends at a birthday and Angus Cloud working in the background. Removes plates and cutlery while guests dance.

“Oh my God, four years ago, Fez was the waiter at my birthday brunch in Brooklyn,” Darlene writes.

according to BuzzFeed Fans of “Ecstasy” were “obsessed” with flashbacks. Many of them commented “You have to start somewhere” or that they are proud of it.

The actor himself said to the face It annoys him when people try to research his past.

– But this “whatever”, I have nothing to hide.

Nejm: A cloud like Fez in ecstasy.

He said he was working at a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York when a woman “discovered” him on the street when he was 18 and asked him to audition for the song “Euphoria.”

– A lady asked me to come to the casting studio. She gave me her phone number, so I called her. I went there, they made me do some auditions, and then I flew to Los Angeles to shoot the pilot, he says there.

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SERIES: Angus Cloud as Fezco and Chloe Cherry as Faye in “Euphoria” Season 2.

He didn’t quite think this was true, but he tried anyway.

– I thought she was just inventing things. But I love hearing people cheat. I respect all deception. If you have a good story, I want to hear what you have to say. Maybe a dollar or two. And in my case, it went in my favor, because the trick turned out to be true, he says in The Face.

Note: Spoiler alert – the next episode reveals some of the events in season two.

In the second season, we see more of Fez’s background, and also that he develops a friendship with Lexi (Maud Apatow). Cloud previously told the series creators He had plans to take the character’s life First in season one, then at the end of season two, but that changed at the last minute, according to diverse.

After the success of “Ecstasy” where he said Harper’s Bazaar A fan favorite, Cloud has had many movie roles. He also has a modeling contract with IMG Models and is known for his style. the magazine Enter He made his own case for how his style was imitated.

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Style: Angus Cloud at the reopening of REVOLVE Social Club Grand March 3 in Los Angeles.
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