Ex-intelligence officer: – Russia is winning the war

Ex-intelligence officer: - Russia is winning the war

Not everyone is equally optimistic on behalf of the Ukrainian army.

Jacob Scarborg is a historian and according to the Dane Dagbladet information He has been working in the Danish Military Intelligence for the past 26 years.

confirmation trap

In an article in the Danish newspaper, Skarborg wrote that experts who appeared in the media and predicted Ukraine’s victory fell into the assertion trap.

Skarenberg claims that they actually chose an epilogue, and then chose the arguments that confirm it. He believes that the story of Ukraine’s victory is based on feelings and sympathy.

The Russians were never good in the early stages of wars, he wrote, referring to the first war in Chechnya where the Russians had to withdraw in 1996.

wear out

The experts are also accused of relying solely on information from official Ukrainian officials.

He claims that Russian tactics in the war tend to weaken the opponent, and that they do the same in Ukraine.

When the Ukrainians advance, the Russian tanks advance. Then there is only one way, and it is not the way experts hopefully present their voices – the Ukrainian victory, he wrote.


For his part, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that Ukraine has a real chance of winning.

He stated this during a press conference after the NATO meeting on May 15.

strong: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg speaks on Ukraine during a press conference following the May 15 NATO meeting.
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Norwegian experts also noted that a Russian victory is not the only possible outcome of the war.

Lieutenant-General Arne Bord Dalhaug previously told Dagbladet that he believed a Ukrainian victory was possible, and noted, among other things, advances in Kharkiv.

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