Expedited shipping price – increases prices

Expedited shipping price – increases prices

From July to October, we saw a sudden drop in electricity prices in Norway. In Eastern Norway, the average price in September was insanely high per kWh, and in the same period the majority of charging operators were keen to reduce their express and express charging rates.

However, electricity is now starting to become more expensive again. The average price in November reached NOK 1.31 per kWh in southern Norway, and December started even higher, with the initial average price reaching NOK 1.63 in eastern Norway as the most expensive region.

Many are raising prices

Clearly, freight operators have noticed this too, because many of them are now starting to raise their prices:

  • Recharging increased prices by €50, from NOK 5.99 to NOK 6.49 per kWh for fast charging.
  • Kople has raised prices by €50, from NOK 5.89 to NOK 6.39 per kilowatt-hour for lightning charging.

Uno The undersigned have asked Uno

-We are still thinking about the correct way to display our prices. We want to make it available to our customers in various fields. Charging location is important to us, and we are thinking about which other platforms make sense, and this is the answer we got from CEO Ole J. Tønnessen at Uno X Mobility.

More expensive in Tesla

The prices of the five Tesla stations we track have also increased over the past seven weeks. For the most expensive of these devices, the cost is now NOK 6.10 for non-Tesla owners between 6pm and 8pm in the evening.

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If we look at the average price for the five stations (and over the course of the day), it comes to NOK 4.79 – up from NOK 3.53 in October, an increase of NOK 1.26 per kWh or 36 percent. For Tesla owners, the price rose from NOK 2.44 in October to NOK 2.84 this week – an increase of NOK 40 (+16 percent).

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