Difficult driving conditions – E39 closed after major mudslide

Difficult driving conditions – E39 closed after major mudslide

In Ørsta, the E39 is closed after a large landslide. Mild weather and rains have led to several landslides on Saturday morning. – Drive according to the conditions, the Norwegian Road Transport Agency insists.

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On Saturday morning, there were challenging driving conditions in many parts of the country, especially in western Norway.

An orange warning for very heavy rain has been issued for inland and central parts of Westland County.

Combined with mild weather, the risk of landslides, mudslides and floods is high – the Norwegian Meteorological Agency said the landslide risk is at orange level in western Norway.

Large landslide at Ørsta

The E39 at Vardalsstranda in Ørsta was closed on Saturday morning due to an avalanche crossing the road.

The slide should be one meter high and 40 meters wide.

– The road is closed. The police and the contractor go to the scene and they write in X.

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Police operations manager Rohr Filling tells NTB that there are no signs of missing cars or people in the landslide.

Police received information about the landslide from two motorists. Police are on patrol.

It’s been a busy night for contractors, Vetrafficcentralen tells VG.

Small landslides across western Norway

Across western Norway, from Rogaland to Mør and Romsdal, several small avalanches of snow and mud have occurred during the night.

– Almost all western fjords have experienced constant snow avalanches. The transport operator at Veitrafiksentralen, Arne Viken, tells VG that contractors are cleaning all night.

He further informed that landslides are applicable to national highways and main roads.

– This is happening now that the weather has become a bit milder. People should be aware that there is a lot of ice on the road.

– Drive according to the conditions, urges the transport operator.

Veitrafiksentralen has warned that due to the heavy rain, there is a risk of flooding in many places in western Norway.

– We have all personnel to take action as much as possible.

– Soft and icy

Police in Trøndelag report that driving conditions are fine in the district, but warn against poor driving conditions on minor roads.

– Municipal and minor roads are very slippery and icy, writes Trøndelag Police District.

They note that the Road Transport Center has deployed all the plowing and stream workers in the northern and southern parts of the district to work on the roads.

In northern Norway, county roads 891 and 890 in Båtsfjordfjellet and Kongsfjordfjellet were closed Saturday morning due to the storm.

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Across the country, there are several warnings for heavy rain, strong winds and the risk of avalanches. The weather forecast applies especially in Nordland, but also in Troms and Finnmark in the coming days.

In low-lying areas, there is a risk of freezing rain on the ground, and the Norwegian Road Administration encourages motorists to drive according to the conditions.

Closed above Strynefjellet

In the east of the country, the road is closed on Streinefjellt as a result of bad weather.

– In addition, there is a convoy driver on Hartangervitae, bad weather, says transport operator, Mette Brunæs.

In the low-lying areas of eastern Norway, driving conditions have been good so far, and the Norwegian Road Transport Agency has received no reports of slippery driving conditions.

– Of course, it can change, it is still early and we are waiting for the weather to change in many places, Brunes elaborates.

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