The union in Teachman sparks the Princess’ birthday party – VG

The union in Teachman sparks the Princess' birthday party - VG
Jubilee: Princess Ingrid Alexandra with one of her four-legged friends during a meeting with VG in January.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th birthday celebration is making waves locally at Oslo’s new main library on Thursday.


Jenny Dellegard, head manager of the Fagforbundet Deichman Club, and Goro Arshet, head of the store manager of the Bibliotekarforbundet Deichman, came out with harsh criticism in an article. Dagbladet.

Oslo’s main library is due to close on Thursday due to royal celebrations, Teachman writes:

Background: Closes doors to people due to princess birthday

Ingrid Alexandra turned 18 on January 21st, but in celebration Had to be put on hold Due to infection.

VG says that Dellegård decided Deichmans in Bjørvika should be closed Because the library management had agreed to lend the premises to the princess for the government’s late 18 – year banquet, the union leaders took responsibility.

– It was decided without our knowledge. We commented that this decision should have been discussed with us, says Delcord.

In the email sent to the management, the union management should have clearly stated that they should be involved.

– Later, we also had a meeting where we presented our ideas orally. Management said they agreed that of course we should get involved when there are big things like this.

Central: Between the Opera and Oslo Central Station is Oslo’s new main library.

The Teachman Club, a union, represents 190 members, and the Library Association has 60 members. If the library closes its doors on Thursday, many staff will not be able to go to work.

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This is solved by allowing them to participate in a course day.

– This is a material day good. But even though we have not spoken face to face with all of our members, the majority are opposed to commercialization – and they close the library and call the royal family, says Dellegard.

– It may seem a little unreasonable when I say this, but it encourages the wealthy, the royal family or others to use the library as a ceremony room.

Suspicion: Union President Jenny Tilleman.

The government has said yes to asking the library management. The Royal House calls Own gala dinner The 18th anniversary ceremony was held at the palace on Friday.

– Yes, it is true that the government is responsible for the party in the library. But there are some places in Oslo where you can go without spending money. That’s why we strongly oppose closing doors, ”Dellegard said.

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Princess Ingrid rolls up to five million in total to celebrate Alexandra

Princess Ingrid Alexandra (18) will be celebrated for two days ending. The royal family and the government spend a total of five million …

Tellegart is indebted to the Oslo Municipality for its revenue needs for the new main library. Built at NOK 2.5 billion, it turned out to be very expensive, with the municipality setting the annual requirement to receive more than NOK 12 million in revenue.

– We are against the demand for revenue and the commercialization of the library. Now we do what a public library should not do. The library is funded by tax money, we will not run a store, Dellecord believes.

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The union leader says, after all, if a revenue claim is accepted, they must accept that they did things.

– But we are totally opposed to them being completely shut down now. Regardless of the need for revenue, we think the library administration will lend the building to the princess’ birthday party, says Delcord.

Teachman Boss: – Special Inquiry

Merete Lie, director of Deichman’s department in Bjørvika, agrees with Dellegård that the government will take the investigation seriously anyway.

– This is a very special trial, and every 25 or 30 years an heir will come of age. Lai du Viji therefore says that this trial is of a completely different capacity than the others.

Teachman Director: Meredith Lai.

The lie confirms that they have held meetings with the unions.

– We talked to them about this and we believe it makes sense to involve the shop officials earlier than is done here, he says.

This year’s revenue demand is lying at NOK 12.8 million.

– The amount is linked to the index, he explains.

The director of the department agrees that the need for revenue is a topic of frequent debate domestically.

– The library is strongly based on the free policy. But I’m glad we can rent out the services. As I sat in the subway on my way to the Princess’s birthday party on Thursday afternoon, I followed the guidelines, says Lee du Viji.

Deichman Bjørvika was elected last year The best public library in the world By the International Library Organization IFLA.

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