Bus stabbing in Stavanger – VG

Bus stabbing in Stavanger - VG
Witnesses interviewed: Police were on the scene at a bus stop in Stavanger on Sunday night.

A man has been hospitalized after being stabbed on a bus. No one was arrested.

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Police responded to reports of a stabbing on a bus in Stavanger. Police and an ambulance are on their way to the scene.

One person was taken to Stavanger University Hospital for treatment. Police are investigating the incident.

– There were several people on the bus and we are questioning witnesses, Roger Litlathun, operations manager at the Sør-West police district, told VG.

Can you say anything about the extent of the damage?

– It is not clear, but the person in question was conscious.

Head of Operations Cry Aidan tells VG’s Freelancer that police made contact with the victim at a petrol station at the bus stop. The concerned bus is stopped here.

– We have no control over the suspects. Witnesses were questioned at the scene.

He says the victim is being investigated at SUS.

Operations Manager says it is not known if any weapons have been seized. He did not want to say anything about the location of the injuries on the body.

In a police press release at 01.10, they write that no one has been arrested. Police will not release additional information due to the investigation.

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