Transport, storms | E10 and several district roads are still closed: – Several new landslides occurred last night

Transport, storms |  E10 and several district roads are still closed: - Several new landslides occurred last night

On Saturday, bad weather created major traffic problems in Lofoten. The E10 between Svolvær and Leknes was closed for several hours. The E10 was removed at 9.30pm and traffic resumed as usual.

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New match tonight

Also on Sunday, several roads were closed.

On Sunday night, another landslide occurred on E10. This time in Mosinees in Reinehalsen. There should be no landslides or vehicles.

E10 in Flakstad was closed Saturday following a landslide between Straumsnes and Finnbyen. The E10 at Killan in Flockstot was closed Saturday due to landslide risk.

Many district roads have also been closed.

Just before six o’clock, a landslide struck the district road around Haveron in West Vago. The landslide is said to have occurred at Rectal. There should be no landslides or vehicles.

The county road to Nussbord in Flockstot was closed Saturday due to the risk of landslides.

The district road to Myrland in Flockstot has been closed since Thursday due to landslides.

In Vågan, the county road to Hennings Ware was closed due to landslide risk.

The district road between Fiskepol and Louvik has been closed due to the risk of landslides.

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New rating Sunday

All these roads are still closed

– In all these places, it will be assessed on Sunday morning whether it is safe to open the road. As there are many places, it will take some time, says the work officer at Vitropix Central.

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He says the road to the roads in Lofoten is fine, but reports of heavy rain and wind beyond Sunday.

According to Vervarslinga in Tromsø there will be a small storm and a strong southwesterly storm in Lofoten on Sunday.

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in Lofoten today.

Updated traffic information can be found here. reports that all bus traffic on Lofoten will be suspended until 12.00 on Sunday. Then the new evaluation will be done.

Torghatten Nord AS, Bodø-Værøy-Røst, announces cancellation on B-route MF Værøy connection.

– Sunday 27.02.22 Departure from Bodo at 13.00 hrs. Departure from Maskens at 17.00. Departure on Værø 18.30 and departure Røst kl. 20.15 is canceled. Canceled due to bad weather and high seas.

The speedboat between Svolvær and Bodø was canceled on Sunday morning.

The fjord route in Reinefjorden has been canceled.

Updated traffic information about buses and expressways can be found here

Here you will find more about Vargassette in Lofoten:

More road problem: – Large amount of surface water on many roads

Traffic jam on E10 on Saturday. In Allstot, a man took a shovel in his hand to destroy E10.

Maria gets off the bus and is dropped off at Soulver: – She is in complete despair

Trapped in a landslide on E10: – It’s not that big, but there’s a lot of snow on the mountain

Police are on patrol to evacuate people and cars from landslide prone areas.

Meteorologist: The rest of the day and some parts of Sunday will be very bad

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