Russian forces occupied the second largest city in Ukraine – VG

Russian forces occupied the second largest city in Ukraine - VG

Street fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces is taking place in Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities are asking residents of the city to look for cover.


Early Sunday morning, on the fourth day of the invasion, Russian forces entered Ukraine’s second largest city.

The district governor, Oleg Senegubov, asks people to look for cover.

– Residents of Kharkiv, do not leave shelters, do not use transportation, he says in one of them Facebook posts.

According to the governor, the troops occupied the central parts of Kharkiv, an important border town in the northeast of the country with a population of about 1.4 million.

Reuters pointed out to videos published by the adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko, showing military vehicles inside the city.

blown gas pipeline

Powerful images in recent days showed wounded, dead and extensive property damage after Russian air strikes on Kharkiv.

Kharkiv was also marked by the so-called hybrid war. Network monitoring service Netblocks reported Thursday morning about major internet disruptions in Kharkiv.

Sunday night exploded Russian forces build a gas pipeline in Kharkivin an explosion led to a mushroom cloud in the night sky.

The Ukrainian government says the explosion could cause an environmental disaster, according to the NTB. Residents of the area are asked to close windows and drink plenty of fluids.

Watch a video of the explosion here:

An absolute nightmare

Three Ukrainian researchers in the city say Politico The situation on the ground is very difficult.

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– We have many casualties in the civilian population, Dr. Taisiia Yurchuk, Maryana Petrushko and Dr. Vladimir Pinyaev claimed in an email carried by the news site.

– They bombed kindergartens. Yesterday, a bomb exploded in the intensive care unit for children in the hospital, and they bombed blood transfusion centers and homes.

According to researchers, the “vandals” moved to the roofs of buildings and apartment complexes in the city.

– This is an absolute nightmare and a fact that is hard to believe even today, they write.

The information provided by the researchers has not been verified by VG. The situation is very confusing and it takes a long time to examine the many videos and photos spread on social media and the internet.

Kiev is still under Ukrainian control

In addition to Kharkiv, fighting broke out in the capital Kiev and the cities of Mariupol, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa in the south of the country.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, at least 198 Ukrainian civilians, including three children, have died so far as a result of the Russian invasion.

Despite the fact that Russia has intensified the invasion of its neighbor, it has Ukraine still controls Kiev.

So far, so good killed 20 people And 71 wounded after the fighting in the Ukrainian capital.

a lot of ukrainians Now trying to get out of the country The queues at the border stations of neighboring countries are long.

Russia ‘ready for talks’

On Sunday morning, the Kremlin spokesman announced that Russia was ready to hold talks with Ukraine in Belarus, but according to Reuters, President Volodymyr Zelensky was quick to dismiss this as impossible because Russia invaded Ukraine from Belarus.

The president claims that the Russian occupation forces Attacks “everything”, including ambulancesReuters reports.

The president, who is keeping opportunities open for talks elsewhere, also said Sunday Will establish a foreign legion of volunteers from abroad who will join the country’s army.

Several countries in recent days have closed their airspace to Russian airlines, and some have said so It will provide military equipment to support the Ukrainian struggle.

During the attack: A group of apartments north of Kharkiv was badly damaged by Russian air strikes. The photo was taken on a Saturday afternoon.

Here is the latest news from Ukraine:

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