Experts reacted strongly after Marcus Henriksen's intervention – Rosenborg rising after a dream goal from Uli Sutter

Experts reacted strongly after Marcus Henriksen's intervention – Rosenborg rising after a dream goal from Uli Sutter

(Rosenborg – Sandefjord 2–0) After a dream goal scored by Uli Sutter, Rosenborg won the opening match of the season.

In the 65th minute of the match, substitute Uli Satter made a rare save. He hit the crossbar from about 30 metres.

-I know I can score everywhere. Today I showed that I can score from there, Satter tells VG.

– What do you say about someone who shoots from 30 meters?

– Psychopath is an appropriate word, he says and smiles.

After the match, Sater told TV 2 the following:

– It was delicious. I don't remember much of it. I'll come home, mobile phone in my left hand, and your parents in my right hand. So I'm going to enjoy myself, it's going to be late tonight.

– Remember that children are watching, warned a TV 2 correspondent.

Sæter gives TV 2 a dice roll of 5 for VG.

– Is the quote inside?

– It depends on whether you are over 16 years old or not. Underneath it certainly isn't. If anyone finds it offensive, I apologize for that. But that's the way I am.

This is how Rosenborg's coach Alfred Johansson reacted when Sutter fired:

– I stop and think: What is he doing?! He tells VG.

– But when things go well, it's just a matter of tipping your hat, Johansson adds.

– The seats are special. He has barely trained this winter, RBK's Erlend Dahl Reitan tells VG.

– This is Saeter in a nutshell. He wasn't on the field for long. I thought he should play with me. But I see on the ball field it's a great result, and then she's allowed to shoot. He is a striker with a nose for scoring, says RBK captain Marcus Henriksen to VG.

– Goal of the year after two minutes on the pitch, writes former Rosenborg player Jan Ivar “Mini” Jacobsen x/twitter.

On the counterattack, Emil Frederiksen is substituted 2–0 at Lerkendal.

Thus Rosenborg won their first league match under Alfred Johansson as coach.

But the story could easily have been different.

As for RBK veteran Marcus Henriksen, he already received a yellow card when he kicked Sandefjord's Jacob Dunsby just before half-time.

– He's incredibly cowardly. Hans Erik Odegaard “I don't understand anything, and neither do we,” Matthiessen says on FotballXtra.

– It is so incredibly poorly judged.

Yellow card: Marcus Henriksen received a yellow card for the first tackle earlier in the first half. Photo: Ole Martin Wold/NTB

During the break, Marcus Henriksen told Channel 2 that he should not have received the first yellow card. Both Matthiessen and his colleague Erik Thorstveit strongly disagree.

-The first is quite good and the second is quite clear. He's not a football fan or spectator who sits back and thinks this is a good thing on a football field, says Matthiessen, who also says it's “uninteresting” that Henriksen has already received a yellow card before.

Jesper Matthiessen
<-Jesper Matthiessen

TV expert 2.

– He brought down a Sandefjord player. Obviously it's a yellow card. Marcus Henriksen should have been sent off in this case. For some strange reason, he was still on the field at half-time, says Thorstveit, who describes the first tackle that earned him a yellow card as “dangerous.”

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Eric Thorstveit
<-Eric Thorstveit

TV expert 2.

A few minutes after the start of the second half, Frederic Bergley received a red card after a challenge on Safir Nepan, but it was converted into a yellow card after a VAR check.

However, VAR is not used to check yellow cards, even when a player has had a yellow card before, and therefore it was never appropriate for VAR referee Tom Harald Hagen to send referee Seifert Amland to the screen to take a look at Henriksen's situation.

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