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Trygve Toskedal Larsen

When Olympic Summit was to bring out this year’s Paralympic team at the end of January, two cross-country skaters were taken to the so-called quota venues.

The problem was that Norway only had one. Kato Zahl Pedersen, the lead captain of the Norwegian Paralympic squad, takes full responsibility for the error. He called it a “human failure.”

– This is not human error, this is a system failure. This is clearly a system that doesn’t have good enough procedures, says Jan-Peter Salvedt, sports commentator at NRK.

– It’s a crisis. I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened at the regular Olympics, Kristina Vukisevich Demidov, NRK’s ​​expert on the Paralympics says.

Race: Kristina Vukisevic is desperate for the Olympic summit’s work on the issue, and thinks the error is culpable.

Photo: Anders SKjerdingstad / NRK

Difficulty sleeping at night

“I almost couldn’t believe my ears,” cross-country skier Trygve Tuskidal Larsen told NRK.

Watch how he reacted to the Paralympic message here:

The cross-country skater and colleague Feld Nielsen talk about the “very sad” news they have received.

At first we didn’t believe it, but eventually we realized it was really real. “We’ve all had a lump in our stomachs and it’s been hard to sleep at night,” Nielsen tells NRK.

– It’s simply boring, you answer how this could happen.

Paragraph performs portraits

Desperate: Trygve Toskedal Larsen is not allowed to participate in Parlympics after a registry error.

Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

Very amateur

Sports commentator Saltvedt is clear about the importance of athletes taking doubles as seriously as they deserve.

– This is the best sport. It’s the Olympic summit. Then you must first have a working procedure.

– How would you describe the work done in this case?

– Too amateurish. Larsen takes it nicely, but he doesn’t need that here.

He also received alpine climber Magnus Fallot-Balchin on Thursday decent He suffers the same fate as Larsen.

Olympiatoppen’s top sporting director, Tore Øvrebø, deeply apologizes for what happened and believes, like Cato Zahl-Pedersen, that this is the result of a human failure.

– We’re sorry we didn’t realize it earlier, but we were in good faith only a few days ago. This is the first time we know this has happened. The seriousness of the issue is independent of whether it is about the Olympics or Paralympics, Overbow told NRK.

Karsten Warholm International: an international indoor athletics competition

Sorry: Tori Afribo thinks something has gone wrong.

Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / Svein Ove Ekornesvåg

– personal tragedy

Kristina Vukisevich Demidov herself worked as a sports director for semi-athletics. She is now NRK’s ​​Paralympics expert. Demidov learned that Kato Saturn Pedersen had developed a “flat toad”.

– I saw he said it was his fault. I have to agree to this.

– They got a warning from cross country coach Bjorm Christiansen, what can you say about that?

– sinner. It is definitely blameworthy. The Olympics should have checked this out better, especially when there are so few athletes in the Paralympics.

Demidov himself was an athlete and is trying to imagine the situation in which Tuskidal Larsen lives.

– He’s told he’s going to the Paralympics, and he’s getting ready for it, but then you get a message that you’re not registered anyway. She says it is a personal tragedy in the world of sports.

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