Grand Reopening of Annex – Leer Municipality

Grand Reopening of Annex - Leer Municipality

It’s been three weeks since the annex moved out of the old building in Verkstedveien, but it took time to move in and install properly at home in Bruveien 5. On Thursday, the way was set for the official opening with the mayor’s visit, cake and coffee.

– I am very pleased that the accessory has finally been placed in a new beautiful place. Here, users and staff get the space they need, and it has also become a very homely place here, Mayor Gunn Cecilie Ringdal said on opening day.

like night and day

With the new building, the annex has been given more and better rooms that facilitate health services in a completely different way than before. The daycare service provides, among other things, clean user equipment, wound care and camera rescue training in case of users overdose. Now they have also been given a more convenient room for urine sampling and medical assistance.

– It’s like day and night from the other room. Field nurse Camilla Andersen said at the start of the tour of the new building that here we have plenty of space and better facilities to be able to help and assist users in the best possible way.

They have been given their own vault to donate items and objects, and here everything from cups and bowls to lamps and rugs. Items are distributed free of charge to users who need them. The large living room provides an opportunity for gathering with plenty of space for everyone. The annex also has a completely separate room where you can rest if necessary.

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– In the appendix, we feel visible and taken care of. It is good to have a place to reach if you need help or if you just want to relax. The old room was very small and cramped so it’s nice to be in a new place. Here we are, feeling right at home, says Gry Johansen Grønnerød, a user of the supplement.

Care and social activities

The supplement provides social affiliation, meals, and field care two days a week for people with intoxication and psychiatric challenges. Business hours are 11.30 – 15.00 on Mondays and Thursdays. The low-threshold service is of great value to users, both through the help they receive and through the social community facilitated by the extension.

– We really deserve this. Gry Johansen Grønnerød announced that all users, no matter what challenges they face, should wish that the addon was open several days a week.

Users say there is a lot going on in card games and good conversations. With more floor space and a more spacious living room, it is arranged for another activity, where no soft cake and coffee are placed on any table on opening day.

– I’m so glad we got a place for a ping pong table here. We’ll likely use it more often in the future, says one user.

Moreover, the user explicitly describes the importance of the supplement.

The supplement makes a huge difference to people, myself included. There is a lot of interest here from other users and from the amazing and wonderful people who work here. We need this place.

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