Huge sunspots can hit Earth

Huge sunspots can hit Earth

Writes Live Science.

From Sunday, June 19 to Monday, June 20, the sunspot, which has been named AR3038, has grown to a diameter of about 31,900 kilometers.

– Yesterday, the AR3038 sunspot was big. Today is huge. The fast-growing sunspot doubled in size in just 24 hours, Live Science writes.

can hit the ground

Sunspots are temporary, relatively cool regions on the surface of the Sun. Sunspots are caused by strong magnetic fields caused by electric charges from the sun’s plasma.

As the spots generate more and more energy, they eventually explode. These violent explosions send huge amounts of plasma into space.

If the spot explodes while pointing at Earth, as it does now, the explosion could hit our atmosphere.

Little cause for concern

According to Live Science, there are several things that could happen if the speck were to explode in our direction. First of all, it can lead to a blackout in the radio network. According to the website, satellites and the internet can also be affected.

However, it is claimed that this spot is not particularly cause for concern. The solar flare caused by sunspots is likely only Class M, which usually only causes brief radio outages at the north and south poles.

to me universe today Sunspots aren’t something we should worry about, even if they’ve grown larger than our planet in no time.

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