Coronavirus, Koronatest | COVID-19: Here you get a self-test, and this is how you test yourself

Coronavirus, Koronatest |  COVID-19: Here you get a self-test, and this is how you test yourself

Some nice things in the house, just in case.

You never know when you might wake up with a sore throat, a runny nose, and a mild itchy throat. And once that happens, it’s a bit scary now than it was before. In order not to panic completely, it may be a good idea to do one or more antigen tests.

Here you can order an antigen test at home.

What is an antigen test?

FHI wrote that “Rapid antigen tests It gives quick answers and catches the most contagious ones.They also wrote that testing themselves with antigen tests helps reduce the spread of infection in the community.

When you take a test at home, you should check that it bears the CE-IVD marking. This also means that it is inEuropean Union Joint List”. It is important to read the instructions for specific test equipment before using the test, and to follow recommendations regarding storage, shelf life and age limits.


You can order tests from boats Opposite And Opposite.

How it works?

to take one antigen test it’s not difficult. The result comes between 20-30 minutes after that. You may not be sure if you did it right, but the testing equipment will assure you that you did it right, and the answer will be clear. In some cases, antigen testing must be confirmed with a PCR test, and specific cases can be read NHI website.

Also, it is very easy to test yourself. Here are all the steps:

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(Remember to check the specific instructions on self test ask home.)

  1. Insert the cotton swab into the nose
  2. Put a cotton swab in a liquid tube for 1 minute
  3. Pour the liquid into the cassette
  4. Wait 20-30 minutes

The correct answer will appear a line at the control line, along with the answer of your test. Thus, you will also know if the test was already done correctly.

Where do you get the test?

You can order the test at home by Opposite And Opposite. Both have tests included in the European Union’s Common List.

Boson self-test

Here you can order it at home from Apotekhjem.

5 Tests from Clientest

You are ordering this she has, via Farmasiet.

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