Florlit and fun – VG

Florlit and fun – VG
Snow, in fact: Odin Wag and Amelie Isungest Agbota in “Julestjerna”.

Three hours to spare a little TV crap in the Christmas spirit? If so: be nice.



Norwegian drama comedy in six episodes

Premiere on TV 2 Play on Friday 3 December, on TV 2 on Sunday 19 December

Screenplay: Miriam Larsen, Julie Scoville, Joachim Szeige

Directed by: Torsten Björklund and Per Olaf Sorensen

With: Odin Waage, Ameli Isungset Agbota, Dennis Storhøi, Maja Christianen, Abdulhakim Hasane, Håvard Bakke, Hilde Lyrån, Hanna Karine Giske, Audun Sandem, Nils-Ingvar Aadne, Lisa Tønne, Sanne Kvjitnes, Talia K. Lorentzen, et al.

VG dice show 4 points

Who is the team that gave you “Home for Christmas” on Netflix in last year And forfjor: Another short Norwegian entertainment series by florlett with very low shoulders.

The premise is as follows: A few artists will participate in a “Star Wars”-like show like the Christmas Show on TV. The common denominator of the eight is that they are in a personal crisis and/or want to use the arena to achieve something. There are 500,000 crowns in the pot. Who doesn’t need it?

Singing at Christmas: Odin Wag in “Julestjerna”.

Diedrick (Wag) is a former children’s star who has obviously fallen pretty steeply in recent years. He has become a “soft lover”. “You were so cute when you were little!” says a little girl at the bar where he lives.

Maria (Isungest Agbota) has disappeared from the spotlight due to stage fright, but now she needs the money to have an operation for her daughter Cosette (Lorentzen). the hub (Storhoi) is the “national singer”-turned-mall-entertainer who seems to have become a bitter supporter of humiliation.

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Rapper Bushvarcell (Hassan) thinks Christmas has low “credibility”, but is forced to attend by his manager and pregnant girlfriend (Falk Berg). K-La (Lyrån) is a singer who suffers from stomach problems. Karsten-Morten (Pak) puts his career first and foremost, including his girlfriend HC (Sandem). The latter is the record manager for “Julestjerna”.

Here are the evening participants: Harvard Back, Amelie Isungest Agbota, Maja Christiansen, Abdul Hakim Hassan, Hana Karin Geske, Hilda Liran and Dennis Sturhue (from left) in Golistjerna.

Olya (Jesek) is an animal protection activist who wants to use the TV show as a platform for a heart cause. Christian pop singer Philippa (Kristiansen) is unsure if she will ever be able to meet her biological mother. Håkon Magnus (Aadne) is the host trying to check out Filipa.

There are many actors in the “Put them in other stuff” genre in “The Christmas Star”. The biggest stars of 2021 are Scale and Christiansen, both known fromRadbank».

The latter portrays a completely different character than the one she plays in the series on NRK, as it took a few minutes before the site below noticed her. On the other hand, Waage plays a man with exactly the same charisma as Glenn-Tore in “Rådebank”. but he she has Shine at least.

Tornado of insolence: Lisa Tone in “Julestjerna”.

We use a paragraph in Lisa TonDedrick, who plays director Elaine’s Nightmare. The “Christmas Star” tune – hilarious in equal measure – is raised wildly every time it appears on screen. Barrel flies through the series like a hurricane of infamous impudence. Øystein Røger, as a drunken hippie father, also makes an impression.

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“Poinsettia,” like “Home for Christmas,” is areally loveOne part emotional drama and two part comedy, where the intention is for everyone to get a new girlfriend for Christmas. She’s not the world champion in any of the majors, and gets weaker as she tries to get more “serious.”

But did you know? It doesn’t do much. “Poinsettia” is a petty who knows he is a petty, and is also proud to be so. One hundred percent modest series, with an equally simple and honorable ambition: to make you detach from everything that might stress you out in December.

I think it will work.

The reviewer watched four episodes out of a total of six episodes.

Watch the trailer here:

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