Facebook’s “feed” is filled with strange messages

Facebook: – We are aware of the problem.

This is how Facebook looks at many users today.

In July, Facebook changed course and was suggesting more posts from people you don’t know. But today’s Facebook experiment with a feed full of celebrity comments may not have been exactly what the service was intended for.

Many users are testing seeing comment fields from posts of different famous people in their Facebook overview. Naturally, users did not allow themselves to be asked twice – because here it is overflowing with memes and other nonsense to make fun of this strange phenomenon.

The order has been updated with a comment from Facebook at the bottom of the article.

Updated 12.10: Content on Facebook appears to be normalized for most users and on the website bottom detector The number of reported problems decreases after the big morning peak.

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For example, have the edge An image of a turkey sandwich being spammed has been intercepted on various celebrity websites. “Keep the turkey sandwich” — keep the sandwich moving — is encouraged.

We ourselves have stumbled across many similar silly photos, for example, apparently manipulating photos of Mark Zuckerberg trying to fix a huge computer while scratching his head. Or cartoons of robots throwing things away for eternity.

Facebook’s overview shows that the service is apparently not down, even if the content on it is somewhat blurred.

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– We are aware that some users are experiencing issues with their Facebook feed. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, says Nordic Director of Communications at Meta, formerly Facebook, Regitze Reeh.

Wind does not go into detail about the cause of the problem or how long it will take to fix it.

This phenomenon seems unexpected and not evenly distributed. Some members of the editorial staff have problems, while others do not.

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