Færder Municipality, Færder | dark power room

Færder Municipality, Færder |  dark power room

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The secrecy surrounding the appointment of a new county manager in the new Vestfold County Municipality was enormous. There were a total of six names on the applicant list that were hidden from the public. Toril Eeg was one such name. As justification, it stated that the municipality in which it operates is undergoing “ongoing restructurings”.

She went on to say that she is responsible for implementing this, and that publishing the name would be “very unfortunate for the ongoing restructuring work.”

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an exception

The county council and state official in Vestfold and Telemark both believe this is within the exceptions to the Public Information Act, and therefore agree with Egg that her name should be kept a secret.

There are two questions about Ig’s secrecy, the other being secret seekers.

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1. What kind of organization did EEG build if it was “extremely unfortunate” if he knew they were considering applying for another job?

Is it really so bad in Werder municipality that even the thought of leaving EEG to quit would lead to “extremely unfortunate” consequences?

2. What kind of evaluation does Egg make of herself as a manager, if she thinks the organization won’t handle her contemplation of resignation?

It is very likely that the municipality of Færder would have handled well the nomination of the Eeg which became known early in the process. He is also very

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It is likely that they will handle her resignation well now. What does he say about Egg’s evaluation of his role and position? And is this the kind of leader the county council needs now, someone who thinks he himself is almost indispensable?

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strange situation

The civil investigator has now received Tonsberg-Plade’s complaint about the confidentiality of the applicant’s list. The evaluation to be made is, according to the Public Information Act, whether it is right to keep six names from the list of applicants confidential.

Regardless of whether it is legally correct or not, it shows a peculiar attitude towards the employees of the organization that Eeg is leaving and where to turn.

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But most importantly, it is a peculiar attitude towards those who already pay the 1.7 million kroner that they will take into their salaries each year, and who depend on the services you will provide, the residents of Vestfold.

Senior positions in the public sector are too important to be filled by a small circle in a dark room of power.

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