May 29, 2022


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Bathing naked with live salmon – received $400,000 in tax from Art in Public Spaces (KORO)

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB



Communication with the fish is built primarily via Skype video calls.

Artist Michelle Marie Letelier was born and raised in Chile but lives in Berlin. Over the past two years, Letelier has been trying to establish some kind of relationship with a group of salmon brokers Nordland newspaper In an interview with the artist posted behind the push wall.

The salmon is found in an aquarium at the Marine Research Institute a few miles north of Bergen. In the tank where the fish is, a webcam is set up. Thus, for two years, the artist was able to conduct almost daily “video conversations” with salmon.


– I’ve spent countless hours with them. They both dance and sing. Then I tried to notice if they knew me. Sometimes they are active, other times they are not.

During this two-year project, the artist went to the Marine Research Institute four times and visited salmon. Then, among other things, I swam with them naked.

– The first time I was naked and it was very cold, because the lake was only eight degrees. But I’ve been wearing a wetsuit recently, so I haven’t shivered. Touching a fish is a nice feeling. They are soft and smooth. It is very sensual.

– Of course I don’t have a relationship with salmon, but maybe we have a band, says the artist, who also admits that the project is “strange”.

The Waste Ombudsman also commented on this particular case on Facebook.

Is it worth paying taxes to our state so that you can pay artists based in Berlin to dance salmon via Skype, and sometimes they travel here to touch them sensually? This is all the tax money the average three Norwegians pay over the course of a year, the waste Ombudsman writes.

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