– Fan and proud of Linnéa – VG

- Fan and proud of Linnéa - VG
Dating: Couples Emile Guild and Lenya Mehry lined the red carpet Thursday night.

NIEU SCENE (VG) The premiere of ‘When We Take Control of the Internet’ drew a host of celebrities on Thursday. Host Linnéa Myhre (31 years old) was a self-described guest. She came with her friend host Emile Guild (29).


New VGTV Series When we used to control the internet Premiere Thursday night. In this regard, the stage is set for the red carpet at the capital’s Nieu Scene with a packed guest list. Several spectators who are not in the series have also announced that they are coming.

– I watched all the episodes and I’m very impressed and proud of Plinos. This is good sick. It could have been an NRK show, NRK host Emil Gukild tells VG and laughs.

He himself is known as the presenter of NRK through “Sommerskuta”, “Sommerbilen” and other sports programs, such as “Ski-VM” and “Vinterstudio”.

Gukild was present during the VGTV taping, he says, and adds that he quarreled with Myhre when she needed him. This is Myhre’s first appearance as a presenter.

People don’t know how much work will be done on such a project, says Guild.

This is exactly what Myhre agrees on.

– I’m so tired now – You’ll go out after this party, she says.

– That’s sexy and scary. I am not a program type person. She says about the mission, I was so scared.

Director: Linnéa Myhre, for the occasion in a dress from Other Stories.

So the VGTV presenter highly appreciates the advice from his girlfriend along the way.

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– Emil is very supportive and helped me a lot. He is good on topic and gives good advice.

move together

It was in June that Monday They declared that they were friends, but until now they were very secretive about the relationship. In August, they met together at the premiere of “Mamma Mia!” In Oslo, then without speaking to the press.

On the red carpet Thursday night, they’re still a little open about VG, although neither of them wanted to reveal how they met.

– Something has to be special. I don’t want to hand over Emil either, says Mehr with a smile.

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Now, however, the couple has taken the relationship a step further and become cohabitant, girlfriends have reported to VG.

It’s great to have someone to share the premiere with, says Myhre when asked what it feels like to be a celebrity couple on the red carpet.

He also told the friend what he liked the most about Myhre.

– What I appreciate the most is that she is always the same.

He says it’s “a little surreal” to have a celebrity girlfriend, like hearing her in an interview on the radio.

—But no matter what Linnaeus worked on, I would enjoy it, says Guild.

See more photos from the red carpet in the gallery below:

Six veterans blog heart lightening

The new VGTV series means Myhre delves into details about the careers and celebrity lives of bloggers Anna Rasmussen (25), Julian Nygaard (31), Kristen Gelsvik (35), Trane Groung (50) and Stina Bakken (28). Myhre also gives his own experiences from his time as a blogger.

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Anna Rasmussen: – They used me

All participants have their own episodes focusing on their story. The first is Mother of four Anna Rasmussen. She came to the party alone.

– I’m excited and looking forward, I told VG on the way.

Among those who found their way to the first gig were twins Vita and Wanda Machadi, 29. This is the first time that Wanda has taken her boyfriend on the red carpet. Although she showed it to him on social media, she made use of writing her fiancé’s name, which she only refers to as “Askilladin.”

However, by the tags on Instagram, it is clear that the girlfriend is Mats Solland.

Girls: Mats Soland and Wanda Machadi.

And on Thursday evening, the name was confirmed on the red carpet.

I don’t often go out with her on things. Sølland says and laughs that being lovers must be the worst hidden secret.

The two do not get along, and Wanda still lives with her sister.

– decent. Soland jokes I get two for one.

Wanda told VG that Sølland, who works himself with payment solutions, is someone who previously mocked influencers.

– But now he ended up with one.

Before the premiere, Soland joked that he should bring in a script to tackle the red carpet. However, the script remained at home.

Sølland, who comes from Skien, describes Wanda as “incredibly sociable, easy to get along with” and as a warm person. When Wanda spoke about her boyfriend to VG, she noted that he is “very sociable, independent, down-to-earth, and funny.”

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Friend: Mats Soland center and Wanda Machade right made their red carpet debut together. Pictured here with Mashhad’s sister, Vita.

Sister Vita enjoys itself as part of a clover tree.

– We’re together a lot. It’s always great when Mats comes to visit him, as long as he knows how to go again, she says and laughs.

Julian “Pilotfrue” Nygård and her husband Ulrik Nygård have no children for the occasion. Minstemann, recently He got out of the hospital After treatment for the RS virus, there was a time check early in the day and everything was fine. Julian is now looking forward to viewing the series.

– It’s fun to share ideas about life behind the facade.

The pair describes life as an influential couple as “compulsive, but enjoyable.”

– Julian is the boss of all of us, he says.

The first episode airs on VGTV on Thursdays. Anyone with a VG plus subscriber can access the entire season on the same evening.

Linnéa Myhre and Kristin Gjelsvik are linked social max, a wholly owned profile agency in VGTV AS. VG’s editorial ratings are conducted independently of this. The editorial staff is free. Overview of links to profiles that maps to VG is available she has.

VGTV Series: Left: Trine Grung, Kristin Gjelsvik, Linnéa Myhre, Stina Bakken and Julianne Nygård in “When We Were Controlling the Internet,” taped at Baroniet Rosendal outside Bergen.
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