Farm Famous, Christian Brynhovd | Christian Brynhovd with a stern message: – It smells like noise and a bad lifestyle

Farm Famous, Christian Brynhovd |  Christian Brynhovd with a stern message: – It smells like noise and a bad lifestyle

attention! The issue contains spoilers.

It has been a dramatic week on 'Farmen kjendis', after several celebrities quarreled with each other earlier in the week.

In particular, there was a very tense atmosphere between reality TV personality Christian Brynhovd (24 years old) and journalist and presenter Bahari Viken (30 years old).

Among others, Anne-Kate Herland (51) and Danielle Frank (49) have both chosen to withdraw from the programme.

But despite fewer participants on the farm, senior farmer Sander Östevold Diehl (25 years old) has still to name a first champion, which once again becomes Brynhovd.

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On Sunday, it was clear for the runner-up election and the duel, as Brynhovd chose Bahari Viken as runner-up.

– not mine

As the second hero, Viken is the one who gets the privilege and decides in which branch the duel will take place.

The 30-year-old stood between several people, but in the end the choice fell on the chessboard, which came as a surprise to Brynhovd.

In the end, it was Viken who emerged victorious from the duel and could return to the rest of the participants, while Brennhovd had to say goodbye to the participants and “Farmen kendis”.

However, Brynhovd told Nettavisen that he was ready to give up agricultural life:

– I actually felt quite good. I was ready to go home. There was little food, and I started to get bored, he told Netafisin.

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Moreover, the 24-year-old says that “Farmen kendis” was not the right program for him:

-I had a very nice and enjoyable time with the others, but I don't think it was right for me to be on the farm.

Receiving hate messages

This season, the 24-year-old has hogged a lot of the spotlight on the farm, and his behavior has caused a stir among TV viewers and other contestants.

This week, Brynhovd lashed out at Viken and said, among other things, that she “has no character.” The dispute led to the 24-year-old receiving numerous hate messages and threats.

In front of Nettavisen, he tells Brennhovd that he is receiving the feedback with overwhelming calm, and has currently fled to the mountains to get away for a bit.

-I skateboard and enjoy myself every day now. I really do not care. He says people are angry and think I mean Harry.

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And on TikTok, Brennhovd shared a video from his ski trip in Hemsedal, where he had a clear message for everyone who sends him bad messages:

– Fleeing to the mountains to escape all the haters there. “100 percent of the people who send me bad messages have a bad smell and a bad lifestyle,” he writes in the video.

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