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Brann på gård på Grinder i Grue kommune.

The fire was reported to police at 15.42pm on Wednesday.

– The pigs are currently in the barn. Eirik Haugen, duty manager at the 110 Exchange, says it will take a long time to get many pigs out.

There are about 300 pigs in the shed near the burning building. In total, the farmer has about 1000 pigs on several farms.

Heavy fire

The building where it is burning is a warehouse with straw. It is located on a farm with pig production in the grinder in Crew Municipality. Firefighters are engaged in extinguishing the fire.

Efforts are also being made to prevent the spread of fire to buildings, especially piggeries.

Emergency services focused on controlling the fire and preventing it from spreading to pigs and other buildings on the farm.

Photo: Ann-Christine Moe

– It’s a powerful fire with radiant heat and smoke growth, says Eric Hogan. He says the fire was known in the distance.

– We recommend those in the area to close doors and windows in view of the smoke. The task manager says it takes a while to put out a fire in such a large building.

  • A post on Facebook changes everything for a pig farmer in Waltres:

No one was injured

Firefighters from both Kirkenær and Kongsvinger are working to put out the blaze.

It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the fire. But no one was injured.

By 16.30pm, the fire service was under control of the site, but work was still underway to ensure the fire did not spread, police said.

The crew is burning on the farm in the grinder in the municipality.

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