– Finally it ends

– Finally it ends

Narvi Gelgi Nordas (24) claimed a surprise bronze medal in the 1,500m during the WC in Budapest in August. But he struggled in the 5,000 metres, where he finished 14th.

Later, he stated that the unsportsmanlike hype and family strife surrounding coach Geert Ingebrigtsen and his sons affected him in the tournament.

After the Ingebrigtsen brothers parted ways with their father and coach Gert Ingebrigtsen a year and a half ago, the latter continued to coach the Nordas team.

Nordås recently visited the podcast Brown podsWhere this also became a topic. There he rhetorically asked if he had managed to stop the noise when he competed in Hungary.

Unspeakable: Jakob Ingebrigtsen interrupts the interview when asked about Narve Gilje Nordås. Video: Lucas/Godot
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– Were you able to close it after that? I was a little unsure about the toilet itself, as it’s impossible to rule out. Obviously, if you’re bored and have some time to kill, what’s the first thing you do? You can check newspapers online. And in the toilet, when you’re not running, there’s nothing else you can do but kill time. Then I was in an electronic newspaper, Nordas says and continues:

– And here you are, and then there were things you said that you might not have said. Then you can’t let it go, then. Then you spend some time and focus on it, and then I would argue that it probably goes beyond just the sport, considering the 5000 happened as it did at the time. You manage to maintain the mask and façade to a certain extent, but eventually they come off, and then they become empty. This was in the final of the 5000 meter race.

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Confirm girlfriend

– What will you say then?

Jakob Ingebrigtsen did not answer questions about Nordås and their relationship during the WC, and VG NRK was self-critical after not asking Jakob Ingebrigtsen any questions about Nordås after the 1500m race – in which they both won medals.

Dagbladet, as the only media outlet, asked silver medalist Ingebrigtsen questions about his opinion of Nordas’ bronze medal. This is what he answered (watch the video):

Jakob Ingebrigtsen was disappointed after his silver medal in the 1500 meters in the WC. Reporter: Øyvind Godu. Video: Christopher Lucas
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In Budapest, Nordas said the relationship between him and Jakob Ingebrigtsen was “non-existent.” Before Dagbladet, Nordas said the following:

– We don’t talk together. nothing. He is an equal competitor with everyone. But he’s Norwegian and I’m a patriot. So I hope he does a good job.

– How would you describe the relationship between you?

– It’s a non-existent relationship. “That’s the way it is,” Nordas said.

In the spotlight: Everyone watched as Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Narvi Gilje Nordas met during the medal ceremony. Video: Lucas/Godot
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For his part, Jacob Ingebrigtsen stated that he did not want to “answer questions that do not concern him himself.”

The Brynepoddene presenter points out that Nordås has come under some criticism for the openness surrounding his relationship with Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

-But what will you say then? no comment? People have seen that. So it’s best to be open about it, it’s a relationship that doesn’t exist. Period, Nordas answers.

- It's never happened before

– It’s never happened before

-It should go both ways

The presenter then asks Nordas the following questions:

“You’re so strict and clear, while the other party has probably been told not to talk about it, and the media accepts it. It must still be hard to stand in that situation, because you’re speaking out and somehow getting all of this?”

– This is absolutely true, but as long as there is equality before the law, it is difficult to complain. But it has to go both ways. If I am asked about him, he must ask about me. The opposite is true, but I do not feel it necessary to direct the media and the questions they will ask. Then you subvert this principle a bit by using free media. “I stay out of that,” Nordas answers.

Later in the podcast, Nordas expands on this as follows:

– It’s hard to say why, but you can imagine why it would be the way it was, if someone gave instructions and almost controlled the media, just because it was good enough. You can imagine that. I don’t know if that’s the case, but there must be equality before the law. Either don’t ask either, or ask both. It’s that easy.

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