Find spy planes on Google Maps

Find spy planes on Google Maps

You can find quite a bit of weirdness by looking around on Google Maps, but you’ll rarely find anything as unusual as this. Reddit Hypbonded user I accidentally found an airplane while searching around the map service, not just an airplane. But a “secret” spy plane in the US Army.

The plane photographed by the satellite was one Northrop B2 Spirit, which is also called a “stealth bomber”. The aircraft was specifically designed to be able to fly undetected by radar and anti-aircraft guns.

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A satellite image on Google Maps shows the plane flying in a deserted area of ​​Missouri in the United States.

If you want to find the plane yourself, the coordinates should be:
39 01 18.5N 93 35 40.5W

Remember to check that you want to see the satellite imagery and not just the map data, and you will get the image of the military aircraft.

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The B-2 can fly at speeds of up to 1010 kilometers per hour according to Wikipedia.

Exactly what speed the plane was at when the photo was taken is uncertain. But the photo still reveals that it wasn’t calm on Earth when the photo was taken.

Because you see the plane as a kind of silhouette with four different colors. And you can see where the heat is coming off the engines in straight streams behind the plane. Other than that, there is little that makes the aircraft recognizable other than the fact that it has a completely distinct design.

(source: redditAnd Wikipedia)

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